Cruise, 20 Years Old, Test E


I have been active since i was 10, and have been working out since the age of 13, with the last 3 serious. I ran an test e 500 mg EW this summer, and a pct of hcg and nolvadex. I came out with 10 kg + but i have been suggested to cruise with 250 mg test e ew. I have been using the last year of reading about roids, pros and cons. My health is good, got a check last week with heart and stuff, it was fine. I do wanna hear you guys, what you think about this.

But the think that im concerned about is the subject of having kids, i do wanna have kids in the future, i have always been thinking of TRT when i hit 30. But should i get some sperm in a sperm bank, just in case? This is actually the only reason i havent been cruising an low dose test e now.

If i decide to cruise i will do the following.

Get an agreement with my doctor about it, so he can check me every once in a while.
250 mg test e ew not more.
Get some sperm in a bank.
Dont do drugs ( i dont it now either, but know this and roids is a bad combo )
Lift hard and eat right!

Have a nice day

100mg per week is total shutdown. So 250mg per week is no different that 500mg per week. What are you thinking? You do not seem to understand the basics.

I do know about the shutdown, but more isnt always better, what basics, do you mean i dont know then? :slight_smile: