Crue Fest 2008

Anyone else looking foreward to motley crue touring with trapt, papa roach, sixx am, and buckcherry? I’ve been waiting for this announcement for quite a long time.

Motley Crue Press Conference Live Show at Los Angeles - YouTube Heres a couple lives songs from their announcement yesterday

That will be a fun show. Saw them in 06 with Aerosmith. There were lots of good looking older women there.

Mick Mars doesn’t really look alive.

If Vince lost some weight, so he had enough breath to sing more than every third lyric, I would maybe consider going to see them.

Is Nikki Sixx playing with MC and turning around and fronting Sixx AM in the same night?

Is Tommy playing drums?

[quote]Djwlfpack wrote:
Is Tommy playing drums?[/quote]

That was him in the videos. I heard that they have all managed to co-exist somehow.

Id go but I dont know ANYBODY that likes Metal anywhere near my age.

Tommy is in, i am assuming sixx is playing in both bands.

I agree with the fact that vince needs to sing more than every other word, but it will be a kickass show nonetheless.

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That’s your theme song, isn’t it push?