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Crtique on First Test Cyp Cycle


Hello everyone, I'm looking to do my first Test Cyp cycle. Please if you could give any good advise I would greatly appreciate it. I understand the importance of a good protien rich, caloric surplus diet along with a good training regimen.
Here are my stats and my proposed cycle.

Age: 44
Height: 5ft 8in
Test Level: 700 (last year)
AAS experience: Inexperienced cycle of Winny 15 years ago

Body Fat: 15%
Years Training: Seriously the last two years. On and off since highschool but always been in ok shape

Proposed Cycle:

Weeks 1-10
Test cyp: 500mg/wk (250mg twice a week)

Weeks 2-12 (stop just before Nolva starts?)
HCG 2x/week at 250iu each (total of 500 per week) Sub Q or IM??

Weeks 1-10
Adex .5mg EOD
- start immediately or 1-2 weeks in?

Weeks 12-16
PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20/20


Everything looks in line and good to go. Have fun man.


Start your AI immediately.


Yes stop hcg after starting nolva. Inject sub q or im it doesnt matter


So start the Adex same day I do my first pin beginning of week one?

Thanks guys for looking this over!


Can you get letrozole? It's more effective though dosing can be pretty tricky. A lot of guys will start letro 2 weeks prior to cycle to let blood levels stabilize and you will be golden.

If not just take 0.5mg adex eod and see how you do... Lots of people don't even get symptoms it's just a precaution. Adjust dosage as you see fit... If you feel shitty drop the dosing to .25 if you feel tingly up it to 1mg. It's all about testing how your body reacts.

Apart from that have fun and lift big!


My friend is questioning the HCG dosage? He was doing 50 iu twice a week with 150 cyp/2x week. What would you guys say to this? Is it because my Cyp dosage is higher? He has a Dr or whoever at Kinsberg Lab directing him on his usage/dosages
Thanks for all the input guys !


50 IU is gonna cost you a shitload of money, as your supply will go bad before you use much of it... and there's not much science showing 50 IU is wortha damn, either. 300 mg of cyp of week ins't bad, but isn't nearly as good as 500-600 mg.wk, either.

i'd tweak your cycle like this:

Weeks 1-10
Test cyp: 500mg/wk (250mg twice a week)
HCG: 500 IU/wk
Adex .25mg EOD (and adjust as needed)

Weeks 11
HCG: 500 IU/wk
Adex .25mg EOD (and adjust as needed)

Weeks 12
Adex .25mg EOD (and adjust as needed)

Weeks 13-18
Nolva: 20 mg/night


Would I keep everything the same if I decided to jump start with say 1-4 week of 25mg DBol?


You may need to up the adex a bit but its kinda hard to say since youll be using .5mg eod already.

Answer based on original proposal.


Thanks for all the input guys. I can't wait to get going!


Question …does it matter if you pin 500mg in one go per week …or split into 2 pins of 250 ? Considering the half life …might be a Dumb question but hey we live n Learn


Twice a week.