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Crowded Gym Complexes Questions


Hello I am referring to this feed https://www.t-nation.com/strength-training-topics/1119

First off thank you coach for making these complexes as I would have never have been to do these in my gym unfortunately.

I am done with my first 2 weeks and I can already notice a HUGE difference in work capacity. Down in weight and feeling good. Only thing is, is I feel like I can add another day in. I was thinking on the 6th day would it be ok to add in some loaded carries and some sprints? I follow the 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off split as layed out.

Thank you.


No it’s not. I REALLLLLLLLY is not. It’s not about how much work you can do its how much work you can have a maximum adaptation from.

These complexes are very demanding on the body and even 5 days is pushing it


Ok I understand.

Do you think I could phase the strength lifts of this? Only since I am using 3 exercises along the strength curve and am doing strength, speed-strength/strength-speed and a explosive movement. So for instance after week 3 after I added a rep each week could I switch the strength movement to an overload movement then add a rep each week until week 6. Then deload and test my maxes?

Ex: starting weight for DL week 1 was 425 for 3 reps, week 2 was 4 reps week 3 was 5 reps. Then week 4 do rack pulls with a weight that is challenging for 3 reps then add a rep each week. Would this lead to an increase in strength after the 6 weeks ? Or should I just keep the same strength movement and increase the weight?


Both approaches can work but I would wait longer than three weeks until you change the exercise. Give the selected lifts time to “work”. In 3 weeks most of the gains are from neural adaptations, not maximum muscle growth. You have to stick with the movements longer for the body to be forced to add muscle to continue progressing in strength.


Ok so would you recommend sticking with the program for more than 6 weeks? Maybe stick with the strength lift for 6 weeks take a week to deload then do another 6 week cycle with overload movements instead of the strength ones ?


Complexes are very demanding work. 6 weeks is the upper upper upper limit that can be done under the bet possible situations. In ,most cases I prefer 3-4 weeks. You definetly have to adopt a different training style for a while after that.


Hello Coach,

I have just finished week 1 of these crowded gym complexes and was not able to get to the gym on the fourth day but was able to get to a nearby park and did some sprints instead of a lifting session. I feel great and can already notice some weight loss. I know you hate when people try to change your programs but I was thinking of maybe doing a slight modified version where I do just what I did week 1. Meaning:

Week 1
Mon: Complex A
Tues:Complex B
Thur:Sprints (nothing more than 60m about 5-8 sets @ about 75-80% intensity)
Sat:Complex A

Week 2
Mon: Complex B
Tue: Complex A
Sat Complex B
and so on…
My main goal here is fat loss without a loss in strength. I know these are demanding complexes but would substituting a sprint session in instead of a lifting one work to be able to get some running in? I’ve been a fat slob since winter and did barely any running due to snow where I live and would like to get back into it. What do you think?

Thank you.