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Crow: The Future 200lbs. NAS Champ Log


Okay guys I turned 35, September 10th, so I'm a month into this grand old age and now ready to move my training log to this forum.

A little history about me. I work in a physical therapy office in Red Bluff, CA, employed as a Certified Athletic Trainer. I work primarily with orthopedic rehab, specializing in athletic injuries. I also provide sports medicine coverage for youth and high school football, rodeo, and high school basketball. My degree is in kinesiology from Sacramento State. I'm an ATC, CSCS, USAW Level I coach, and a Kinesio Taping certified practitioner.

I've been strength training for over 15 years now, even since high school. Until 2004, I just trained "bodybuilder/muscle magazine" style with no real purpose. In 2004, I decided to learned the Olympic lifts, and trained with a former member of the Albanian national team, Elion Ago. I trained with him for about 18 months and started competing. After he moved back to his home country, I switched to powerlifting because of the lack of training partners in my gym. I competed in powerlifting for a few years, until the use of bench shirts and squat suits disillusioned me. Finally I switched to strongman after meeting Dane Kelly. I instantly fell in love with the sport. I think it is the perfect combination of all the strength sports and the absolute highest form of strength measurement. I've been competing to strongman ever since. I do the occasional raw powerlifting meet sometimes also.

Currently I'm 230 lbs. I plan of dropping to around 208-210, with the intention of cutting to 200 at competition time and dominating in that weight class. I will win the 200lbs. class at NAS national within the next 2 years.

I will start posting my log and progress in this forum for those that are interested.


Welcome. You obviously have a lot of strength experience. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need your help at some point, lol.


Awesome -another expert lifter joining the old geezers. I am a huge fan of the sport of strongman, and will be following your log with great interest.


Nice to see another old fart joining the mad house.


Ahh, Cori's coach, right?


Looking forward to reading your log. Welcome.


welcome - you're a great addition round here, we don't have anyone else logging strongman training


welcome. at least you have gear experience. In my book it is ok to hate it after using it. It is not okay to never put it on, and then make claims about it:)


Grand old age? You're barely out of puberty(smiley face thingy). Welcome, this will be interesting and different than what most of us do. Sounds like you've got a very solid back ground.


I stopped in Red Bluff once at the "request" of 9 or so CHP rollers I picked up leaving Chico on 99 on a little crotch rocket I had in college. I didn't notice the first one back there for a few miles, so he called a few of his friends, thinking I was not inclined to follow his instructions. Hilarity ensued.

Anyway, welcome aboard!


Hey Jeff,

Nice to see you posting training. I look forward to watching your log.

I'm also hoping to get back in the game in 2011, so hopefully I'll see you at 200 somewhere along the line.

Mark Sikora


Thanks for the warm welcome guys and gals. I hope to contribute something to this forum. And Mark, I'm glad to see you on this forum. You are a huge inspiration to me man.

Here are my last two sessions.

OCTOBER 3, 2010

80/6 95/4 105/2 115/2 125/1 PR! 105/5
355/3 405/3 455/6,2,2,2
120/5 143/5 163/8,3,3

OCTOBER 4, 2010

70kg/1 80/1 90/1 70/1 80/1 90/1,1 95/1
105kg/3 120/3 135/7,2,2,2
205/3 230/3 255/9,2,2,2
154/10 174/8 198/6 218/5 238/3 248/3 268/3 198/8


OCTOBER 5, 2010

CLEANS 100kg/1 110/1 120/1 100/2,1,1 110/1 120/1 100/1
FRONT SQUAT 70kg/3 100/3 120/2 131/1 135/1 115/2
KB SNATCH 24kg/115reps in 5 minutes

OCTOBER 6, 2010 BW 230

BB CLEAN & JERK 90kg/1+1 110/1+1 115/1+1 95/1+1,1+1
DEADLIFT 375/5 425/3 475/6,1,1,1,1
1A PC + MILITARY PRESS 143/5 164/3 184/5,1,2,1
1B PULLUPS 3,1,14 +25#/6,5,5,5

Very happy with strength increases lately. Getting comfortable at this lower BW (was 265 about 16 weeks ago). Ready to make another 15 pound drop and train at 215.


Crow- if thats you in the pic I cant imagine you down at 2bills; you look like I pretty big dude.. Sorry for the late welcome and best of luck in your quest! look forward to watching the progress. And I agree with Harry, 35,...just a pup. I now get stuff from the AARP!


Thanks OldGoat that is me in the pic. That was the first (and only) time I pulled 600 in competition. I was 265, and it was 10/10/09, so almost a year ago exactly. I use that pic for motivation, I want to be able to pull that at 200 (or 3xBW)!!


OCTOBER 7, 2010 BW 229.2

SNATCH 70kg/1 81/1 90/1 95/1 100/1 currrent PR 102/2misses 83/1,1
BACK SQUAT 111kg/5 127/3 143/6,1,1,1,1
1A BENCH PRESS 215/5 245/3 270/6,1,1,1,1
1B BENT ROWS 155/10 220/5 240/3,3,3,5,5 220/5

Very happy with Snatch and Squats. During snatch warmup my catch felt weak and loose. I was very surprised to hit 100kg which ties my current PR. The 95kg snatch felt "perfect", no hip bump, weightless in the hands, and very explosive second pull. This is the third time I've squatted this week and I've deadlifted twice. My back squat has never felt better, I'm hungry for more weight! Yet my knees feel great, my lower back is tight but doesn't hurt. I'm excited to continue to push my limits!


I just was informed that now since I'm 35+ I am a master level lifter in the USAW. I'm going to add breaking the Pacific Weightlifting Association, snatch/clean & jerk/and total records to my to-do list.

For the 94kg class the Snatch record is 111kg, Clean & Jerk 145, Total 250.
I'm currently at 100kg/120/220.


<198 RAW Powerlifter 450 Squat, 350 Bench Press, 600 Deadlift, 1400 Total
94kg Olympic Lifter 120kg Snatch, 150kg Clean & Jerk, 270kg Total
<200 Strongman Nationals Competitor


OCTOBER 8, 2010 BW 229.0

PULLUPS 5,3,15,10
KB SNATCH 24kg/10,20,20,20,20,10,20

Short on time so just a quick metcon style session.


Great raw lifting and a cool to-do list. Nothing a clear goal to add some focus.


OCTOBER 9, 2010

OCTOBER 10, 2010

CLEAN & JERK 110kg/1 115/1 120/1 125/1 130/miss 105/1,1,1 110,1 115/1
FRONT SQUAT 70kg/3 110/1 130/1 140/1PR
DEADLIFT 335/3 385/2 435/10,3,3
1A AXE PC+MILITARY PRESS 131/5 156/5 165/8,3 175/3
1B PULLUPS BW/5,3,15 +25#/8,6,5,7 BW/12

OCTOBER 11, 2010

SNATCH 70kg/1 81/1 90/1 95/1 100/5 misses 102/miss 75/1
BACK SQUATS 100kg/5 117/3 132/9,3,3 141/1 150/1 160/1
1A BENCH PRESS 195/5 225/5 250/11,3 255/3
1B BENT ROWS 155/12 200/8 220/6 250/3,3 260/3