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Crow sure tastes good! (Myostat results)

In short, if you want to get big now, Myostat is not for you. If you want to get big 6-8 months from now it will produce in spades with proper nutrition, hard work and Mag-10. I had fluctuated from 165-180 8-9% BF for a yr. or more. Did several androgen cycles in this time. 6 months ago I used 80 caps Myo at 2/cap p/day. Didn’t notice results in 2 months so I got a refund. Decided to try it one more time, am on my 4th bottle now @ 3 caps p/day and on a 4 wk cycle. The first 2 wks 2g. protein/p/lb 50mg/TA/p/day and double dose 4-AD-EC, 2nd 2wks. double dose Mag-10. Workout OVT, I am currently 198, 9.2% BF and lovin’ it in the 3rd wk. Plan to break 200 for the first time. Age 25, Ht. 5’9".-Lowell Wayne

Interesting post. It’s nice to get some initial feedback on Myostat, Pleased that your continued faith was rewarded.

I am one of the continuing sceptics at this time, due to the expense and less than rapid results promised. However with several more posts touting its effectiveness, I might be more willing to jump in. Would be interesting to hear some more feedback from anyone else who’s just starting to see results with Myostat/Juiced Protein/Myoblast.

Before I sound too nice, just a few proviso’s though:
1)Were you off or on steroids at the time you tried it first? If off, had you just finished a cycle? Were you then in a hypo androgenic state and so poorly responsive to ANY supplements?
2) How do we know it isn’t your diet, your androgen usage, your workout regimen (the OVT appears to be a very good stimulator of hypertrophy with the feedback so far) that has been the responsible factor in the results seen more recently? If you have ALTERED more than 1 of these factors there are too many confounding variables here.

That is why I myself am all for the softly softly approach- Try 1 supp, see if it works, then try another (on it’s OWN), see if it works etc. When you have all the data available (probably several months-years down the line), and you NEED the extra boost to get your progress kickstarted again, you have a nice PROVEN line of supps. You can combine these together to get (if you choose which to combine carefully i.e they work in different ways) a synergistic effect- WHAM!

Of coure, it doesn’t always work that way, and we often find ourselves altering several components of our lifestyle at once withoutr thinking, then never knowing what it was that “did it”.

Give us some more info as to the alterations in your complete diet/workout/supp regime, and I might be more impressed. SRS

Before T-Mag I considered myself a hardgainer but have since realized that I needed to eat and eat a lot. I was a ripped pencilneck (135 @ 5.5%BF 4.5 yrs ago). Went from 135 to 160 fairly quickly (2.5 yrs). Ok, I will try to address some of your questions. First of all I have completed probably 8-9 TA/Andro/Mag-10 cycles in the past 2 yrs. Fluctuating from app. 160 to 180 (1-2% incr. BF) in that time period. About 8 months ago I used 80 caps Myo at 2p/d. Didn’t notice anything so sent them back. 4 months ago decided to try again @ 3 p/d. Went from 172 7% to the present 193 9% in that period.
Back to the androgen cycles. Most of them were well structured with 1.5g-2.0g/p/bw (Mag-10 plan for success), most were 2 wks. with 1 being 6. My workouts were from T-Mag, GVT2, EDT and 5x5. This bulking cycle was to be 2 wks. I started out doing a mix of 5x5 and EDT for the first 2 wks(which I have used in the past. It was in this time period I went from 181 to 192. Then decided to extend the cycle 2 more weeks w/OVT and D/D Mag-10 (am in the 3rd wk presently) so its not the OVT. I do love the program though and expect to continue gaining w/it.

Much rambling but about your doubts, I have experimented with many diets and workouts in the last 4 yrs. And have never blown through a sticking point like this before.
Remember I had only added the D/D Mag-10 and OVT after these gains. I have done numerous bulking cycles identical to this except for Myo and never broke 185. Now I am past it and gaining LBM as good as 2 yrs. ago. Thats about it. Later-LW