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Crotch Rocket Envy (Sport Bikes)


I have ridden numerous sport bikes in the past. With the recent birth of my son and a farily long commute I agreed with my wife that selling my bike would be the best option to keep from either dieing a horrible wreck or getting a divorce.

I love sport bikes there is nothing like the feeling of twisty the throttle back and speeding through the twisties!!!!

I sold my 2001 kawasaki ZX7 and I'm really starting to miss it.

It wasn't so bad but a buddy of mine just bought the new Kawasaki ZX10. I had a party Saturday night and he rode it over. I'm sitting there drooling over it in the driveway when out comes my wife with my tennis shoes and my helmet, I know she loves me, or she just wants insurance money.

Has any one here ridden this bike yet?

All I can say is I need one.

It goes from zero to wholly shit in about 1/2 a second.

I'm hooked again.



I know way too many guys who are made to sell their bikes because they got married. If that times comes for me, I would sell the wife first.


It was a hard decision but I have to ride from Deer Park to I-10 and Eldrege everyday.

I know she doesn't like the idea but she did call me this morning and ask if I had looked at prices yet.

She also like to ride



I am totally hooked on the new Harley sport bike. I have always wanted a Harley but my g/f got me interested in sport bikes (although I hate the plastic look of them, they look like little toys). It appears Harley combined the best of both worlds...now if only I could afford it.


My girlfriend actucally wants me to buy a bike. . . she loves the things.



lol I feel you on that one prof!


I recently sold my ZX7 also and it was one of the hardest decisions ever! Unfortunately, it had to be done. The wife and I would like to get a house someday and we are trying to save up for that. But, man, I think I shed a tear as I watched the bike drive away.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I have something in my eye......


There's a trend with the recent Kawasaki sport bikes, in that their design effort seems focused on engine "blunt force". The 1000cc 2006 ZX-10R is a muscle monster, a huge engine on a lithe frame. Perhaps like no other bike it requires huge respect from the rider. It doesn't like fools or people lacking self-restraint. An outstanding bike by any measure.

But may I suggest something else instead?

Triumph Daytona 675:

This is more like a japanese sportbike than a classic Triumph. It has 3 (yes, three) cylinders, so it's in between the typical V-twins and the 4-in-line designs.
At 675cc, it has more oomph than the typical 600cc bikes.
It's the most lightweight and the narrowest sportbike currently on the market. While sitting on it, it felt pretty much like my late ZX-6R, only more narrow. Maybe a tad taller too? I dunno.

But the nicest part - it has a crapload of torque at the bottom end and in the midrange. E.g., at around 6k RPM, it has almost 2x more torque than the Yamaha R6, while also being lighter.

In a recent 600cc comparo, it outperformed everyone else (including the Big Four japanese bikes) in the quarter mile and in the 60-80 and 80-100 acceleration tests.

The bottom line: it's probably a better bike to ride on the street and in the canyons than a normal 4-in-line. When taking off from a stop, you will have to rev the hell out of a 4-in-line to get decent acceleration, while the D675 will jump ahead efortlessly without making the engine sound like you're a week-end racer wannabe.
On the track, let's say the similar bike from Yamaha may or may not beat the D675, but you'll have to keep the Yammie revved up all the way to the ceiling all the time and it will slow down miserably as soon as you drop below 10k RPM, while the D675 allows you a more relaxed approach.

Oh, and... this is subjective, I know, but it's a beautiful bike and the engine sound is very nice (again, a bit similar to my late 03 ZX-6R - due to the intake, it sounds like a turbojet revving up).

Check out the on-line forum:


If I ever get back in the saddle, this is the bike I want.


My husband didn't like me riding my cafe racer when we were first married, it was "too dangerous". But he knew better that to argue with me. I finally sold it a year later. Too much worry makes bad karma. I never told him about my bridge diving experiences. Some things are better kept secret.


That is a beautiful looking bike. Now I miss my cycle even more. And you know what sucks the most? Having the bike sit in my garage all winter, and now that summer is here I sell it. GRRRRRRRRR............


Yeah, tell me about it. I crashed my ZX-6R in January this year. In retrospect, the pain means nothing, the hospital means nothing, being almost disabled for a few months means nothing. But what's really frustrating is not riding for so long.

For anyone who's not a rider, this probably sounds like madness, or at least some kind of addiction. Well, maybe it is. :slightly_smiling:


i just sold my bike a couple weeks ago. it didn't bother me too much, but last night i saw a young guy with a brand new gixxer at the gas station, and it was running, i was definitly a little jealous


Ha... coincidentally (sadly, too) I just sold my bike Friday. I had a Yamaha YZF600R. It was my first bike; had it since 1999. It just wasn't what I wanted anymore. The past three summers I debated getting rid of it and I guess I just finally talked myself into it.

Lifestyle changes play a big part of it. I was single when I bought it; now I'm married with two kids. However, the wife doesn't want to me to stop riding. She just wants me to get a different style of bike. It just wasn't really me anymore.

It was a great bike, but I also didn't ride it enough to justify keeping it. I am going to spend some time thinking about what I really wanna do before I buy another. Most likely gonna be some sort of custom.


I hear Ben Roethlisberger has a few bikes he'd like to sell. In other news, for the love of god, please wear a helmet. I've cracked more than one ('02 CBR954RR here), but that's infinitely preferrable to sticking my face through a windshield.


Yeah, the lifestyle changes caused me to get rid of my cycle too. My wife wanted to keep it more than I did! LOL But we decided that it was the smart thing to do financially. Man, I hate being responsible!

I really want to get another bike someday and I know that I will. It might not be another rocket, but who knows.

I really miss the smell of exhaust!


I currently ride a ZX7-R (belongs to my brother but he doesnt have a license at the moment) except on mornings like today when it was -6 celcius.

I will be buying a bike in about 6 months and all I have ever riden are sports bikes. I have to admit that the thought of a Harley is starting to grow on me.

Has anyone ever changed from riding sports to a harley, or ride both at the same time?


You mean the Buells?


Well put, Professor.


I owned a sport bike a few years ago. I was an '04 Yamaha R6. I read so many good things about it that I was determined to find one. It was a tough search but eventually, I did find one in the color I wanted.

Now here's the lesson for all: don't buy a bike (even if it's new like mine was) unless you can sit on the damn thing first. You see, I couldn't find one in my area so I had to have it shipped to AZ. They wouldn't ship it unless I agreed to buy it. Since I was so hellbent on owning one (for whatever reason), I plopped down the cash.

When it arrived, it looked cool. But as I walked toward the bike, it got smaller and smaller. Once I sat on it and took it out for a spin, I looked and felt like a gorilla on a tricycle.

So I sold the damn thing.

Useless story, indeed, but I had to tell someone.


No, that's actually a great story. And one that happens more often than most people think, I'll bet.

Similarly, it's not common practice to get to ride a bike before you buy. Dealerships aren't real keen on it. This also makes it difficult to figure out exactly what bike you want.