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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training


Travel Day - just doing stuff in the house before heading to airport.

Lunges, Push-ups, Swings, Rows. 100 of each.


So the model probably needs work/fine tuning. Let’s say my max is 27” right now and my TM is 30. The reality is, I could drop a 27/28 basically any time - but would need lots of warmup and recovery. And flip side is 3 sets of 5 runs is tough on a bigger guy even at 35” pace (85% of TM)


I think you’re nuts trying to do 15, 9, and 9 200’s in a workout.


No - that one would be 5x200 - 3x200 - 1+ x200.

The 3x5 day would be 15 200’s.


That’s what I mean. 15 on the 5’s day. 9 on the 3’s day. And another 9 on the 5/3/1 day. Brutal.


It’s a fair amount of volume - but the average pace on the day of 15x200 would be around 40” - for 2 miles of total volume at about 5’20” mile pace - which is actually pretty slow with all the rest time. I’ve run below that at 210#. We used to do 30/30s where we’d run a 200m every minute on the minute with a target of 30”. Once you had 2 slower than 32” the workout is over. Goal is to gradually increase the number of reps done in that manner. Think the best I ever got to was 12 200’s or so. That was when I was able to run 49” for 400m.


I think I’m about two years away from being anywhere near a college runner. And that wouldn’t be in terms of performance (as in speed), just in terms of conditioning. And I’d have to start actually trying to get in serious shape.


I will never get back there speedwise but was close 4 years ago at 34. Can get back there strength and conditioning wise in 2 years barring major injuries.


Saturday and Sunday off and relaxing.

11/12 - traveling again. Got in a few mile walk/jog and some swimming this morning.


11/13 - 3x3 day.

So today, I just felt like crap. Was distracted, felt lazy, had a job offer negotiation, and all in all felt like I would barely be able to hit all sets of 3, let alone a solid AMRAP third set. However, it ended up being the best workout I’ve had in the last 2 months since locking down and working the 5-3-1 consistently. Went up weight and reps in all 4 exercises, and in most cases did more reps than my last rounds of 3x5 day as well. Did 3-6 warm-up sets on each movement as well.

  1. Warm-up, stretch, etc.
  2. Bench: 3x3: 140-160-175 (9)
  3. Pendlay Row: 3x3: 140-160-175 (11)
  4. Hang Power Clean: 3x3: 165-185-205 (11)
  5. Squat: 3x3: 235-270-300 (15!)

Gave myself the day off on my stair climb. Really pleased with today’s session. While bench is still crap, it is crawling upward. Row seems like the same thing. Hang Power Clean, I’m better from the floor, so hitting 11 unbroken reps at 205, is not too bad. Could definitely hit 250-260 easily right now from hang, so 280+ from the floor. Squat, bear in mind, this is to a 16" box - so it is just above parallel (which for me is at 14-15" depending on my set-up) but is still solid.

I’d like to have the squat up to 365 for a bunch of reps, and clean up to 265 for a bunch of reps in the next 6 months.



  1. Lots of walking around city - about 6 miles.
  2. 15x20 sets of KB swings with varying weights 30-53-100.

Was supposed to be track interval day, but it was very cold, and my calves were feeling beat up from achilles, through soleus, all the way up to gastrocnemius and insertion behind knee. Felt like high volume pounding probably not the best.



First day trying the 3x5 on 200’s at the track. It was freezing today, so I opted to go 5-4-3 at 65-75-85%

  1. 5x200 (target pace 45). Most run at around 42" pace. It is hard to run 200’s at a 6’00" mile pace, so might have to mess with my percentages a bit.
  2. 4x200 (target pace 40). Most run around 38-39.
  3. 3x200 (target pace 35). Ran at 35-34-33

Average pace over 12x200 at 38.7 seconds. This will be a fun experiment.


How long did you rest between runs? How long was the total workout?


2 minutes between runs - so probably 40 minutes total.


Just basic upper body pump work today. Felt good. Sprints and throws tomorrow.


I hope the weather in your neck of the woods is better than ours. The high for today is 39 and the wind chill will be 30 with winds steady at 18-20 mph and gusts up to 30.


Pretty similar here. We will get up to 47 but with some windchill.


Throwing and acceleration.

  1. Shot Put around 20 throws with each hand. Left hand out to 32’. Right hand full throws mostly at 38-39. One at close to 42.
  2. Discus 6-7 standing throws all between 105-112.
  3. 6x25m runs. Not all out. Mostly technical runs, as it was too cold too really get after it, and I was bundled up.

Pretty happy with today. Once I use the metal shot instead of the soft shell indoor shot, that will add a good 5%. Soft shell shot just absorbs more of the force over the release so it kind of compresses before release and hampers distance. Discus again is a practice discus that does not have the rim weighted, so goes 6-8% shorter. Maybe as much as 10% less with good releases. So continue making tiny improvements.


11/18 - Off. 6 miles walking.

11/19 - 5/3/1 Day. Warm-up to working sets on all exercises.

  1. Bench - 145 (5) 165 (3) 180 (9) - probably had a couple more reps in me, but no spotter, so…
  2. Pendlay Row - 145 (5) 165 (3) 180 (10)
  3. Hang Power Clean - 170 (5) 195 (3) 215 (10)
  4. 15 Jumps to 30" box
  5. 25 flights of stairs.

Skipped squats, as my lower back was feeling kind of torched after rows and cleans. Will do these either tomorrow or Wednesday.

So 3 months into 5/3/1 and 3 rounds through respectively, and I’m now up to my original TM for 9-10 reps. Not Bad! Going to keep going through 5/3/1 for at least another few rounds. 531 and doing 10-15 sets of 1-3 reps seems to be what I respond best to. The higher volume singles-doubles-triples really works well once I’m up to a meaningful level of strength again, which is probably a ways out.


That said… I’m probably just now getting back to where I was when starting this log 18 months ago. Kind of depressing - but being so constrained on what I did for a period in there really held me back. Gotta stay healthy!