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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training



Seated DB OH - 4x14 - 40-40-45-50 (easier than last week but probably cheated on ROM a teeny bit)

Pull downs - 4x14 140-150-160-170 - easier than last week

OH Squat - 4x14 65-85-115-135 (last set was rough)

Snatch DL - planned 4x14 at 155-205-225-245 (did not do bc of hamstring - but will do 4x15 next week.

Good session. Shorter rest periods. And stronger movements.


10/24 - off. Lots of walking. Not feeling a workout. (Walked 6 miles)

10/25 - full body isometrics and loaded stretching, plus 4 miles walking and 28 flights of stairs. Knees bugging me last couple days so needed a rest.


Actually pretty challenging and felt good.


10/26 - off again.

10/27 - combo of metcon and pump work.

  1. Metcon was 75 reps (broken up into 15 rounds with minimal rest in between - started a set every minute) of 5 muscle-cleans, 5 front squats, 5 strict overhead press. Didn’t use a lot of weight: 45-55-65-75-85-95-105-115-125-135-125-115-105-95
  2. Pump work was just continuous supersets working to 60 reps each of:
    a. Bicep Curls-Tricep Extension
    b. Lateral Raise-Lat Pull-Down

Nice quick workout, but will still definitely feel it. Tomorrow am planning on the track if it’s dry enough out.


10/28 - Off. Night before (10/27) was an aggressive housewarming party, with beer pong, shots, and the works. Sunday Football Day - got some drinks and apps with a buddy and just relaxed.


  1. Warm-up (dynamic mobility and build-ups, skips, etc)
  2. Shot Put - didn’t feel much pop today, and even so, still had some halfway decent throws. About same as last week, a little shorter but still solid. Out to about 38-39’ standing and 40’ full throw. At 39’ standing, I should be able to throw 43-45’ for a full throw, so I’ve got some room to improve here. About 15 throws in total
  3. Discus - about 10 throws in total. My standing throws were really good, out to around 110’, but full throws, which are normally better than stands by quite a bit, were just not working well.
  4. Acceleration Runs - 10x30m - finally back to able to push it a little bit. Went up to about 90% is how it felt. Still backing off a little bit until hamstring feels 100%. Timed a few of these, with a best run of 4.09 seconds. 30m is 33 yards, so this converts to about a 4.8-4.9 40 yard dash. I time similar to how football does it, except I start and stop myself, so there is no reaction time built in (which is typically .15-.25) and I time from first foot contact, which is a similar time difference between start and the watch starting, a bit slower. So, not setting any records, but this was with regular shoes and holding a little back. Will be fun to see this time improve .

Also got about .75 miles of walking carrying my shot put/discus bag, which all told weighs about 24# - so that was a pretty good loaded suitcase carry!



Metabolic conditioning day.

  1. 20 minute walk/jog/mobility warmup
  2. 15x200 m run with 200m walk back recovery / mostly around 40” - but with a few 38’s and a few 42’s and last one in 34.

In track this would be called extensive tempo - which is typically more total work but at an easier pace and with an emphasis on technique. Intensive temp would be where we’d do something more like 5x200 at close to all out, but with 10’ recoveries instead of 2.

Have to say, today was exactly where I’d like to be at this stage of starting to run again - however, the last one kicked my ass, and I definitely don’t have a top gear right now. If I warmed up and did 1 all out, I don’t think I’d do much better than 28” at my current weight and body fat. Before I blew knee out a few years back, I could run well under 24” - maybe even under 23”.

Have not given up hope to get back there again over next 2 years.


I strained both hamstrings while attempting to run 40s today. I hate myself.


That’s awful. Speaking from experience it is no fun. Just keep some blood flow and don’t too ice if you can help it. Compression does help, and you can probably still squat. And can get aggressive upper body for a couple weeks!


10/31 - off.

11/1 - 5-3-1 and 5-3-1 day

  1. Warm-up and then a lot of warm-up sets for Bench and Pendlay Rows.
  2. Bench
    a. 140x5
    b. 160x3
    c. 175x6 (had 2 more in me but no spotter, so stopped)
  3. Pendlay Rows
    a. 140x5
    b. 160x3
    c. 175x10 (had maybe 2 more in me, but hamstring was getting tight)
  4. Hang Power Clean - Did some muscle snatches up to 135 for warm up sets.
    a. 165x5
    b. 190x3
    c. 210x8 (had more here again, but was losing my grip)
  5. Squat
    a. 245x5
    b. 280x3
    c. 310x8
  6. Finisher - 28 flights of stairs

So… Today, I was just feeling off, didn’t push anything. That said, second cycle of 5-3-1 and weights and reps are well up from first round - and I’m hitting my starting (90% estimate) training max for 6-10 reps with a little in the tank. That is a good sign. I’d guess I’m conservatively at 200 on bench and row, 250 hang power clean, and 380-390 squat.

The bench is embarrassing and abysmal, given that I was OH Pressing more than that 18 months ago, but with no pressing work for a LONG time, I’m taking that slow, and just want to ease back into heavier weights instead of risking injury.

Pretty happy with everything else, and will run through this at least 3 more times before I struggle on 5-3-1 day.


11/2 - day off. My oldest kid got in a little run in w local sheriff dept for (dumb on his part) sneaking out of house and goofing around on private property in the middle of the night. Caught on tape etc.

11/3 - not feeling it after a rough day yesterday but still slugged through my session.

4x15 Day

  1. DB OHP - 40-45-45-50 (keep inching the weights and reps up here and 50 feeling easier and shoulder continues to feel healthier)

  2. Lat pull downs - 150-160-170-170 (didn’t jump in weight this time but started heavier and did 2 sets at 170 vs just 1).

  3. OH squat - 85-95-115-140 (only did 3 - shoulder was wobbly so shut down - weight and reps no issue just was in a bad position).

  4. Snatch grip DL - 155 then total of 15 reps at 205-225-245 (back was tight, I was winded, and hamstring still felt a little off when under tension so dialed way back here).



Just high rep light weight stuff and loaded isometric holds/stretches. Really enjoying that and seems to help w sticky joints as well.


What exactly are you doing for isometric holds? Those don’t sound enjoyable.


So there were some articles on here about loaded stretching, but examples today were:

  1. Push-up hold 1” from ground 30” on 30” off for a few sets

  2. Flyes with 15# DBs gradually lowering below parallel 30” on/off for a few sets

  3. Heavy barbell holds gradually letting bar go lower and lower without shrugging up same 30/30

  4. Squat holds down near A2G but maintaining tension - same deal

  5. RDLs going all the way down (using a deficit) maintaining tension.

Etc - other stuff for biceps, triceps, lats, delts. Great pump, great burn, and yes - painful.


Yep. Just as I suspected - no fun. :laughing:


11/6 - 3x5 day

  1. Warmup

  2. Close grip Bench 130-150-165 (11)

  3. Pendlay Row - 130-150-165 (12)

  4. Hang Power Clean - 159-170-190 (12 in 47”)

  5. Finisher - 25 flights of stairs

Skipped Squats and plyos - will do tomorrow or Thursday. Lower back feeling a little off.

Progress still going well. Although I will have to make sure to go back and check not just my 3x5 days but also my 3x3 days. Should have been able to get more reps on clean if I pushed it.


Track - intervals day.

  1. 2 mile walk/jog warmup at 21’32”

  2. 9x200 - gradually increasing pace from 42” down to 34. Average of 37.8


Kind of liked how I did these intervals. Might start progressing them 5-3-1 style.

Set of 5x200m at 65-75-85% speed.
Sets of 3x200 at 70-80-90
Sets of 5-3-1 at 75-85-95

Then progress a tiny bit faster each week. Might have to tweak it a little bit. But could be interesting.


11/8 - throwing day.

Jog and calisthenics warmup for 5-10 minutes.

  1. Shot: front facing x3 out to 35/36 Static standing x3 35-38Standing dynamic x3 39 ish. 4x Glide Shuffle at 38-41. 4x Spin at 36 again. All consistent again.

  2. Discus - standing at 100-110+. Kinda sloppy. Not enough room for full throws.

Felt pretty solid today. No breakthroughs - but making some gradual progress and feeling better control and body awareness throughout the throws.


Would the percentages be based on times? I like this idea. It might keep me from staining muscles.


Yeah. So you’d take your “training max” and divide it by the appropriate percentages.

IE - I figure my current all out 200m would be circa 27” so TM is 30”. So first wave would be

  1. 3x5 (200) at 46” for first 5. 40” for second 5. 35” for third 5.

  2. 3x3 (200) at 43” for first 3. 37.5” for second 3. 33” for third 3.

  3. 5-3-1 (200) at 40” for first 5. 35” for set of 3. 31.5 for last rep.

Not sure if you do AMRAP on last set. Probably. Would have to progress super cautiously. The “light” sets would be overly easy compared to what I’m used to - but still accumulating volume and the hard sets would be challenging even on 3x5 day. Then I guess you speed up all sets by .5 or so each cycle. Within 6 cycles of progression - there would be major improvements assuming you can keep progressing.

It is not the way any leading track coaches have ever built periodization models, but I’m not running pro or college track again anytime soon, so could be a fun experiment.