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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training



  1. Move around warmup. Walk/jog/mobility
  2. Shot Put and Discus - getting marginally (1%) better every couple weeks and marginally more consistent. My average distance is probably up 10% over last few months - although my top throw probably only 3-4% improved.
  3. 7x200 - ran like shuttle runs to limit my speed - was going to do 14 but hamstring was getting tight.


Oh and read the article on “how to look awesome” (an older one from 2011 on T-nation) - and assuming my lean waist is 33-34” - I would have to be massive - 18-19” arms, neck, calves, 27+ thighs, and 55” around my upper body. At 6’2” 219, I’m nowhere near that except maybe upper thigh and neck - figure I’d have to be over 250 to get there. Interesting stuff. And I’m a long way from looking awesome lol.


Those sound like anabolic standards. I’m knocking on the door of 250 lbs at 6’4" and I don’t think I could achieve those numbers and I don’t have a lot of room to add muscle without being a fat blob.


Yeah. At mine or your height seem almost undoable without a lot of gear.


I think it’s a stretch at any height. 19" arms!?

But thanks to the author for setting realistic expectations.



General strength - bodybuilding - body weight - core. Mostly high rep sets and incorporating mobility into some of the movements. About 40 minutes of circuits.


I do love the soreness I get the day out of a lighter weight, higher volume day. Actually makes me feel sharper the next day.



Today was supposed to be a track day, but I’m not feeling it, and streets/courts are too wet to play ball so I’m going to skip it. Give my hamstring one more full rest day. Will do track tomorrow, and just be active over the weekend. Should be back to normal on Monday.



  1. Acceleration - 10x27m. Took easy and just worked on mechanics. Probably 75% effort. Felt good.
  2. Shot Put - best it’s been this year. Standing throws to 38’ and full throws out to 41’. This is with 16#. I’d encourage anyone to grab a 16# medball and see how far you can throw it.
  3. Discus - meh. Slipped and just wasn’t feeling it.


I wish I had a place to throw a med ball. I can either throw it off a tilted trampoline (pass), the wall, or use a racquetball court and it’s loud as hell.

I used to train at the track and I had a nice hill where I could throw it backwards overhead and let it roll back. I miss those days, but the track doesn’t have a place to leave the kids (at least not two year olds).


Yes - that’s a challenge! At my kids ages (13, 11, 9) - they can be left pretty much to their own devices. I would do indoors on basketball court when people weren’t there and that works pretty well. When I was my most explosive, fastest, and strongest has generally been when my overhead back throw was at its best.


Beach day in FL



Golf in FL w the kids. At Top Golf - a cool and fun concept that is great for the whole fam. Not cheap, but less expensive than 5 of us playing a round - and much quicker.



After 10/15 off - had time crunch due to business opportunity meetings. A few things picking up.

Only had about 30 minutes so did warmup sets and then superset Of:

  1. Seated DB OH press - 4x13 at 35-40-45-50 with Lat Pull-Downs at 130-140-150-160
  2. OH squats with Snatch grip DLs - super light, just feeling out hamstring.

Hamstring felt good. Pull-Downs felt easy. Military Press the top set was tough - and had to stand up and do the last 2 reps standing.

Hamstring still a little off in the middle part of the muscle belly.



Light stuff - general strength circuits - push-ups, curls, triceps, lunges, etc.



  1. Easy interval warmup 5x200
  2. Discus - has a breakthrough in technique (I think) - some standing throws out to 115+ and full throws out to 125+.
  3. Shot - standing throws out to 38-39. Full throws around same distance - so less of a breakthrough here.

I’m a very academic athlete so like to understand why I’m doing something a certain way. The tech breakthrough I had was around velocity of the shot and discus and how much time my feet spend on the ground.



Golf - ugh. 99. Very few good holes.