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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training



Burpees warmup - 1’ or so.

  1. OH Squat: 4x11 at 45-65-95-115
  2. Snatch Grip DL: 4x11 at 135-185-205-225
  3. DB seated Military Press: 4x11 at 30-35-40-45 (last set was a struggle)
  4. Lat Pull-Down: 4x11 at 110-120-130-140


Feeling some really good soreness after yesterday. While that is not the best measure of progress, I do like the feeling, especially when it’s not a broken down soreness of joints and tendons.

I think a big part of it after a workout line yesterday is the higher rep sets with reasonably heavy loads. (225x11 with snatch grip deadlift is pretty solid - and did those 4 sets of deadlifts with only enough rest to change weights). OH squats are also a great lift that hit almost everything.

Today is going to be a recreational day - will jump in a couple pickup games out in the neighborhood.



Body building day. High rep sets (with total of 55-70 reps each) of:

EZ bar curls
DB Tricep extensions
DB lateral raises in variety of positions
Leg extensions

Knee feeling a little funky after b-ball yesterday


9/23 - off


Feeling surprisingly sore after isolation work on Saturday so took it easy today (3rd week of 5/3/1 - so it was the 1+ at 95% - I just did a few reps and left a lot in the tank today).

  1. Hang Snatch warmup up to 2x145
  2. Hang Clean 5-3-1: 160-185-205 (4)
  3. Close grip bench 5-3-1: 135-155-170 (3)
  4. Squat 5-3-1: 235-270-300 (4)
  5. Pendlay Row 5-3-1: 135-155-170 (4)
  6. Box jumps (no counter movement): 4x5
  7. Finisher - 21 flights of stairs (walked)

Glad I took it easy, and feeling confident about next few weeks - also pleased with how little I lost in quite a long stretch of not doing any barbell work.


9/25 - off - job interviews all day and didn’t have a chance to get to gym.


  1. Walk/jog warmup
  2. Shot Put and Discus - shot was good. Stands all over 36’ and full throws all 40+ including a spin out to more like 41-42’. Discus was bad. So humid I could not get a good release.
  3. 13x200 - did these shuttle style 50m back and forth - made the runs quite a bit tougher.

In shot Put, the spin is a superior technique for me, but I haven’t really learned it. Fact that with very little practice I can throw longer that way than a traditional glide. Think I can get shot Put to 45+ and Discus to 140+ by next summer. Which would be very good for a guy my age.


9/27 - unplanned charity golf outing that I heard about night before. Scramble format - we shot a few under par and got either first or second (not a good group of golfers - though I guess living in the actual city of Manhattan does not leave us with an easy way of playing very often!).

So instead of good night sleep, job hunting and working out, I drank all day!

Played some good holes and great shots. Nothing amazing - had terrible rental clubs (mine are at the weekend house) - but borrowed another guy’s driver and had a bunch out over 300, hit some irons to a few feet, and made a couple longish putts including one from 30’.

I love golf and would play every week if it was doable timewisw.



  1. Mobility warmup
  2. OH squat 4x12 at 55-75-105-125
  3. DB OH press 4x12 at 35-35-40-45 (45 was way easier this week).
  4. Snatch grip DL 4x12 at 145-195-215-235 (actually forgot to add weight for the set of 235 so it was a second set of 12 at 215 but then added weight to 245 and did 6 reps so figure on balance that works out).
  5. Lat Pull-Downs 4x12 at 120-130-140-150
  6. 200m OH DB walks.

Think I probably have 1 more week of pushing weight and volume and then will just go w volume for a few weeks (till 16 reps) then small weight jumps (5 pounds per lift) for a few weeks then volume again till 20 reps - then 5# jumps again.

Feeling pretty good and am beginning to see abs again and even obliques - but still carrying too much in front of belly and on pecs.


OH carries were baby weight (20-35 # DBs). Mostly just for stability.



Both a good and bad session today.

  1. Good: Shot Put continues to get more consistent (kind of like going from where your daily strength numbers go from a 7% variance to a 3% variance). Standing Throws mostly around 36’ with a couple at 37. Full throws mostly at 38 with a couple at 39’
  2. Bad: Shot Put not improving.
  3. Good: Bounding went further than it has. Covered 27m (88’) in 10 bounds, vs. last week was 26m (85’) in 10.5 bounds.
  4. Good: My acceleration is improving - running well today, as good as I have since knee blow out. Did 10x27m today - based on my current conditioning and weight - am hitting pretty close to top speed by 27m. As I get leaner and more volume, that will extend out to about 50m.
  5. Bad: Strained/minor pull on my right hamstring on my last run.

Should have known better, was running faster, and covering more ground on bounding than I have in years, and feeling really good - CNS has been getting back to a good spot, as has general strength - but haven’t moved that quickly in awhile. Probably up over 20 mph. The lucky thing is, at that slow of a speed, I can check up quickly and not totally blow my hamstring out, vs. fast sprinters and football players could easily take 20m to decelerate and continue to tear the thing and have it messed up for weeks/months. Mine will be back to normal (will just be cautious on runs) in a week or a little more.

The funny thing is, I’m in a way glad that I got hurt, as it’s an indicator that I’m getting sharp enough to put enough force down to tweak something. Means I’m progressing!


9/30 - day off - watched giants/saints at MetLife stadium with my father in law. Was a great game/day - lots of walking - met up with one of my best friends in from out of town after the game - so ended up being a late night with too many drinks but a good day.


Body building and pump work — and will try and get 5+ miles of walking today for my hamstring - which is still a couple days away from proper training.



Hammy still not at all ready for real work. Walked from midtown Manhattan to top of Central Park then around the park and home. Over 10 miles walking today.

Upper body again tomorrow.


The timing of tweaking hamstring is actually kind of good and inline with what should have been a deload week anyway.

Today will do some higher rep lighter weight bench, OHP, leg ext (maybe leg press too), and barbell high pull (with little/no lower body help).



A little more walking (will be about 5 miles today)

And did about 120 reps each of:

  • bench press
  • leg extension
  • lat pull down

Good burn going. Short rests between sets.



Another 10 mile walk.

Isolation dumbbell work at home.

Hamstring about ready to get back at it. Will squat tomorrow (light) and hopefully jog over weekend and be back at it next week.



Walked 3 miles, including 1 mile carrying a 25 lb grocery bag.

Feeling really low motivation/energy today - so just did a ton of nodyeeight stuff - lunges, pushups, inverted rows. Probably around 100 reps of each - didn’t track it.



Hamstring still feeling off. Long time being tight for a minor pull.

Went for a 6 mile walk/jog and will probably walk another 5 miles today. Going for a pizza festival in the Bronx today.

During the walk/jog this AM did 3 miles in right at 30 minutes - which is pretty solid for still being off and probably doing about 1’ on 1’ off means my 1’ on wasn’t too slow.






Squat -3x5 - wu then 215-245-275 (15) cruised here

Bench -3x5 wu then 125-145-160 (11) much easier than last time at 155x8.

Hang Clean 3x5 - skipped seemed like a hamstring risk

Row 3x5 - did fat guy inverted pull-ups - starting w body weight feet below hands and worked up to feet at hand height for 10 reps. Same hamstring concern w Pendlay rows

22 flights for finisher

Felt good about today (Esp bench and squat) and good about my row workaround.

Plan to do clean 3x3 session next week and have today as another rest day on hamstring and do throwing and easy intervals tomorrow morning.


And did that all in 30 minutes with warmup sets on all as well.


This is perfect. In our 10 code language 10-7 means “Out of Service”. I was definitely out of service yesterday.