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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training


Have you landed a new gig yet?


Not yet. I figure it will be another couple months before I land anything full time. Might pick up some projects between now and then.



  1. Warm-up: Jog, dynamic mobility, running drills, build-ups
  2. Shot Put multi-throw: Between legs forward, overhead backward, overhead forward, etc.
  3. Shot Put Stand Throws: 36-38
  4. Shot Put full throws: 38-40+
  5. Discus Stand Throws: to 105 or so
  6. Acceleration Development: 10x24m including one that was bounds for 24m

Some comments:

  • Multi-Throws are one of the best exercises for power development I’ve ever used, and one of the best indicators of the kind of explosive shape I’m in. If I’m doing a between legs forward throw out at or near 50’, I guarantee I’m approaching 11’ in the standing LJ, 300#+ in the power clean, and my VJ will be up over 36". Right now, I’m only out to around 45’
  • My shot put and discus throws were the best they’ve “Felt” since I started doing them again - not necessarily going further (standing shots were a little better than they’ve been) but were smoother, better releases, etc. Means that in upcoming sessions, I’ll be able to go a little harder and be confident of good releases and good flight of the implements.
  • Speed is gradually improving. Not fast again yet, but by the end of 24m, I’m moving pretty good.
  • Bounding: Another good indicator of how explosive I am (and more specifically how much elasticity I have) - covering 24m (79’) in 10 bounds is not terrible - but it is not at all good. When I was in track shape (lighter and a lot more jumping work) - I was much nearer 30m. So can see that this elasticity is very poor right now. Spending a lot of time on the ground with each contact - which is similarly the issue I’m feeling with my sprint speed, and even my explosiveness on the throws.


8/31 - long jog and walk (3 miles jog and 5 miles walk)
9/1 - 3:3 basketball against a bunch of HS basketball players - that was awful. We got demolished, and I rolled my ankle pretty good too. On the inside, which is an unusual sprain. Should be better pretty soon though.
9/2 - just day off - family in town so hanging out
9/3 - last day of family in town - and gonna lounge by the pool, do some DB exercises (not by the pool lol). Moving back to NYC tomorrow.


You should work out by the pool.


Would be amazing. It’s a big community pool for our high rise condos and literally has a hundred residents out there right now. I’m sure it would make their days - not bc of my physique, but bc of someone to laugh at!


DB thrusters x 21-15-9, jump in the pool and swim a lap. Complete the 3 rounds and then chug a beer.


Alright!! Back at it with a new set up I’m pretty excited about. 6 day cycle of Day 1 5/3/1 full body plus some jumps - maybe a finisher if time. Day 2: running or rowing intervals following a long to short programming model (start higher volume lower intensity and gradually lower volume and increase intensity) plus throws if time. Day 3: full body 10/11/12 (same model as 5/3/1 - but lighter) plus assistance work. Day 4: short sprints (short to long model - gradually extend distance - volume always low. Intensity always high) plus maybe Plyos and throws. Day 5: full body BB stuff and carries. No program just ad lib. Day 6: be athletic - basketball or tennis or play catch or go for a jog or bike ride or row.


  1. Warmup: 15 reps of COmplex: SL deadlift, curl, OH press, front squat - with 20# DBs
  2. Hang clean (240 as max reference)
  • 140x5
  • 160x5
  • 180x14 (1’ of max rep)
  1. Close grip bench on smith machine (200 as max reference)
  • 120x5
  • 135x5
  • 155x8 (in 1’)
  1. Smith machine back squat (350 as max reference)
  • 205x5
  • 235x5
  • 265x6 (in 1’)
  1. Barbell bent row (200 as max reference)
  • 120x5
  • 135x5
  • 155x10 (in 1’)
  1. Jump: 15 jumps onto 2’ Target. No counter movement - just from standing quarter squat
  2. Finisher: 18 flights walk up stairs to my condo.

Pretty pleased for first day back with any weight in my hands in over 2 months. Max estimates might be high, but I will bounce back pretty quickly. Squat depth was not great, and still not sure I should be benching - but going to feel it out for a few weeks/months.

I’m doing 1’ for my “+” set on 5/3/1 as it allows me to keep movement quality high, and on heavier sets probably get a little more volume as well.


Welcome back to the grind!



Sobering day to be newly back to the city. Going to the cops and firefighters bar right by my building to buy folks some rounds once I finish up meetings.

  1. Walk/jog warmup
  2. 11x200m
  3. Cooldown walk

Didn’t time the runs today and didn’t throw - used the warmup and cool down to scout out a place to throw and also an indoor track (only 100m so not sure how much speed I can get but should be fine for at least a few months until I start trying to run under 30” for intervals). And it’s great for short acceleration runs. What’s even better is it’s a NYC parks facility so annual dues are only $125!!


I love everything about this post! :us: :beers: :running_man:


The work you and our law enforcement do is so important. I may have had one too many - but man - it is good to be grateful. I moved to nyc for the first time (only briefely) the week of 9/11 and have considered myself a New Yorker ever since. Never forget…



  1. OH Squat: 4x10 at 35-55-85-105
  2. Snatch Grip DL: 4x10 at 125-175-195-215
  3. DB seated Military Press: 4x10 at 30-30-35-40
  4. Lat Pull-Down: 4x10 at 100-110-120-130

Felt solid today. This day 3 session is about accumulating volume. Will prioritize that over weight, but can probably push both at once for at least the first 2-4 times through this 6 day cycle.

OH squats are tough. Good way to work on mobility in shoulders, hips, and knees though and bc it’s lighter weight, can really get in some volume.

Sets of 10 on that and on snatch grip DL are tough though. Had me huffing and puffing.

Military press felt good, as did lat pulldowns.



  1. Walk-jog-buildups-drills
  2. 10 mins playing basketball
  3. 10x25m acceleration development

Quick session. My jumping ability is dismal compared to what it was 3 years and change ago when I blew out my patellar tendon. Back then, I could touch 11’ (maybe a bit more) from a running start. Today, I could only barely get the rim (as in not even grabbing it - just touching it with maybe an inch to spare). Getting my jumping back up is something I’d really like to address and get back to dunking again.


Wedding this weekend (rehearsal and stuff tonight, wedding Saturday) - but my wife is in it, and I’m not, so should have plenty of time for stuff tomorrow (probably just throw the shot and Discus and maybe golf).

Today, Adlib accessory stuff. For the time being not going to track this stuff, just going to get a pump and also move some easy weight through range of motion on parts that are feeling a little sticky (ie - shoulders, hips today).

Did around 40-50 reps total (light weight of)

  • curls
  • Tricep pushdowns (having a really tough time getting my left inside Tricep - the part that touches my side/lat) to activate at all.
  • lateral raise
  • leg extension

Nice way to get blood pumping. Now off to practice my dance moves.


Try some overhead triceps rope extensions. That ought to fire up those triceps. I’m not sure about the specific part to which you were referring but they’ll definitely be sore the next day!


Really solid throwing session today - got in about 20 shot put throws and 15 Discus. Wasn’t that there were any spectacular ones of either (although definitely the furthest I’ve thrown discus since starting up again) but more the consistency. Shot Put - all standing throws within a foot of each other and between 36-37. Shuffle throws also all within a foot and between 39-40+.

Discus - standing throws literally all almost identical at 103-106’ and full throws were a little more erratic but had 2 over 125’ and a few around 120’. Worth mentioning that these are with a rubber practice discus and my experience is that competition discuses go about 10% further.

All in all a great session.


9/16 - off


3x3 day

  1. Snatch warmup just to get loose. Probably 20-25 reps all below 130#
  2. Hang Clean 3x3 - 150x3; 170x3; 190x15 (in 1 minute)
  3. Close grip bench press on smith machine (did more warm up sets today). 3x3 - 125x3; 145x3; 160x8 in 1 minute (had more time and energy in me - but shoulder still not ready to really push)
  4. Squat on smith machine (more warmups here too). 3x3 - 215x3; 250x3; 280x9 in 1 minute (probably had another couple reps here as well). Got a little better depth today as well.
  5. Barbell Row (after watching videos, I do these like “Pendlay” rows. 3x3 - 125x3; 145x3; 160x12 in 1 minute (form a little looser on last couple reps).
  6. Box jumps onto bench stacked on 45# plate - 3x6 (done from power position with no counter movement).
  7. Finisher: 20 flights of stairs



  1. Walk/jog warm up
  2. 12x200m at 35” with 200m walk recovery (about 2’)
  3. Walk/jog recovery
  4. Some light DB work at home - accessory movements



  1. Walk, Jog, build ups, dynamic mobility warmup
  2. Shot Put - 10-12 throw - standing a little better than last time (out near 38’) full throws a little worse (38-39).
  3. Discus - 12 throws - stand throws a little better (around 110’) - full throws the same (120-125’). Not as consistent.
  4. Acceleration Development - 10x26m - working on full extension.
  5. Plyos - about 30 contacts - mostly bounds. 25m in 10 bounds.

Really need to work my reactive and 1 legged strength.