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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training



  1. 5’ Row warmup - again trying to keep doing this daily - I go about 1300-1350 when warming up. Could probably do about 1500 if I pushed it.
  2. 5x8 DB deadlifts with 200# total - these are obviously a lot more ROM but not that heavy.
  3. 5x8 incline DB press to 60#s - first time doing any pushing in ages. Shoulder felt decent.
  4. 5x8 superset curls and triceps
  5. 5x8 Lateral raises

Good little session.



  1. 5’ row first thing AM

Track workout

  1. Warmup - jog, drills, buildups
  2. MB throws - 12 throws
  3. Standing Shot x6 - around 35-36’
  4. Shuffle throw Shot x5 - 42-45’
  5. Discus stand throws x8 at around 100’ and one full throw a little under 120’
  6. Plyos - 30 contacts
  7. Acceleration - 16x20m

Felt pretty quick today. Interestingly, the standing throws were worse than last week, but the throws with a shuffle were WAY better (10-15% better) which is very encouraging!



Golf. Got better - 96 this time.





Knee really bothering me (inside of left knee) since golf on Saturday - so taking today off and just doing upper body and maybe some KB swings. Hopefully feeling better tomorrow.



Got some compression sleeves, and at least along with Aspirin, has helped w inflammation and a bit with pain.

Hotel workout:

  1. Chest Press - around 60 reps - got pretty heavy
  2. Lat Pull-downs - around 60 reps - also heavy
  3. Light weight high weight sets of leg ext and leg curls - 2x30 rep sets - felt ok on knee
  4. Light weight high rep sets of OH press and seated rows - 2x30 rep sets
  5. DB curls - about 40 reps low rest
  6. Farmer walks - 100m straight


Pretty sore from that yesterday. Today just walking in scorching heat and humidity in NYC - in a suit - for new job interviews. Went well I think!



Knee still a little sore - so just did some KB swings in the living room while watching golf.

300 total.

100 with 100# KB
200 with 53# KB

About half in sets of 5+10 and half in sets of 10+20.

Pretty good little session. Tried to do a set about every time Tiger took a shot - so every 5’ or so. Not trying to do a cardio workout - although 10 with a 100# bell is heavy and followed by 20 with 53# gets the motor running a little bit.



Upper body work at condo gym.

  1. Rowing Warmup - 5’ (burned 100 calories in 5’)
  2. Machine Chest Press 5x10 then 5x5 up to all the plates on stack (200# - which feels about like 200)
  3. Bent DB rows - 10x45-50-55-60 then 5x65-70-75-80
  4. DB curls - 50 total reps
  5. Tricep Ext - 50 total reps
  6. Lateral Raises - 50 total reps
  7. Shrugs - 50 total reps

Feel great today, like I got in a good workout!


Nothing like a good upper body pump!


No workout today - but was at dinner with my wife about 4-5 miles from home. We made a $100 bet on who could get back sooner. Me running or her on the bike.

Rules: she had to finish a 22 oz beer. And we had to have her go to bike station (on both ends).

Beat her by 5 minutes. Meaning I did 4-5 miles in around 33 minutes. I’m dead. But I won the bet.



Body building stuff in the living room.



  1. 5’ row upon waking
  2. Errands - 4 miles of walking in heavy heat around city.
  3. 10 rounds of
  • 500m row
  • 5+5 single arm OH KB press with 30# - super slow and controlled.


I actually think that kind of workout with increasing weight and speed and messing with rest intervals might be enough for general fitness for a huge number of early season sessions. Gradually ramp up to 160-170 press and to 1’30” 500’s with a longer rest session after each set and you are hitting all the energy systems and most of the muscle groups!


I admire your commitment! You’re all over the place but you always find a way to do something. It’s impressive! :facepunch:


The travel makes it rough and is hell on my diet (know that is my own fault!) and on any sort of planful progression (not my fault - but trying to find workouts like today that I can progress even when traveling and/or injured). More impressed with your progress and regularity of sessions!



  1. 5’ Rowing Warmup
  2. Chest Press - 60 total reps each set at 5# more than last time top set at 205 4-3-2-1
  3. Kroc Rows - 6x5+5 at 100# DB
  4. Circuit 4x10 - Hammer Curls - Tricep Ext - Lateral Raises
  5. Farmers Walk - 4x60m with 100# DBs



  1. Standing and full throw shots - 10-12 throws
  2. Standing Discus
  3. 5x200 at 40-38-36-34-32 (12 and on up to about 14 mph) with about 90” rest

Took the throws easier based on tweaked knee - so were not as good as last week - but had a standing Discus out to 112-115 which was pretty solid. When I was throwing 140-150 my stand throws were 120-125 at most.



  1. 10’ rower
  2. 5 miles walking around town
  3. Light general body building work at home

Will do a heavier upper body session tomorrow and then some more track and cardio work over next 4-5 days while traveling to NYC for interviews


Ended up in transit for much longer than planned so no session on 7/27.


  1. Extended warmup (1 mile jog, sprint drills, dynamic mobility, 4x50m build ups).
  2. 15x20m accelerations - all out 20m runs
  3. Played around with 3 or 4x over 3 hurdles spaced really close, just to see how it felt.

First time over hurdles since 2013 or 2014 I think. Was not smooth. Bear in mind, these are 42” barriers spaced 25’ apart (normally 30) that you β€œrun” over at full speed.

What is becoming clear to me is that if I really want to sprint and jump again, I need to drop 15-20 pounds, or at least drop down near 10% body fat.


7/29-7/30 - off for my birthday. Spending 3 days in NYC mix of relaxing and interviews (which are going great).


Hotel gym (which is not bad)

  1. 10’ rowing warmup at about 1’50” pace per 500.
  2. Box squats (full deload at the bottom - just below parallel) 10x5 up to 225 - doing a full deload really gets your quads. Wow. Light weight but hard work.
  3. Bench Press (first time in 18 months?) - took it really easy. 10x5 but only up to 175
  4. Lat Pull-Downs - 10x5 up to 250 whatever that means.

These were all pretty short rest (30-45” between sets). Good little afternoon session.