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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training



So my kids are in town for the better part of a month, and it is the only full month I have them for the year, so workouts are pretty restrictive. So my wife (their step mom) just got me all the workings for a living room gym - so I can do stuff and still hang with kids.

  1. Rowing Machine
  2. 3 KBs (30-60-100)
  3. Adjustable DBs - 5-55 Lbs

Will still try to get one interval and one speed session per week, and 2 lifting sessions in AM before work - but now I can at least get accessory work done while watching TV.


Sounds like a pretty sweet wife!



Assistance Work

100 Reps OHP
100 Reps Biceps
100 Reps back and forth triceps and lateral raises
100 reps lunges
100 reps rowing to finish



  1. Assault bike warmup
  2. High Pull - hang power snatch (1+1) up to 155
  3. Complex - 4 warmup sets - 135-185-245-295 then 4x3+3
  • safety bar squat - 335
  • snatch grip deadlift - 335

Felt pretty good this AM. Combining squat and DL in one session as this is only day I will get to go heavy this week.



Reporting back in. Did a bunch of living room stuff for the past 2 weeks - and took the last 7 days or so completely off. Got to an impasse with my investors on some important items and found myself without a job as of 6/26. Was surprising, but relieving at the same time. Will take my time exploring options and try to have something lined up by October or so. Meanwhile will workout like crazy for the next few months. Haven’t had a time frame like this in ages!

Today- 7/5


  1. Long warmup - strides, drills, mobility, MB throws (10 throws at 48’ between legs forward and 50’ overhead backward)
  2. Shot Put - 10 throws at 37+ standing and 40+ glide
  3. Discus - 10 throws at 100-115 standing
  4. Acceleration - 10x20m
  5. Plyos - 15 standing LJ

Had some break throughs on shot and discus. Nothing huge, but more consistent - and completing the throws. Those will come back significantly in the next 2 months.



Assistance work - higher volume - at condo gym.

  1. Superset Lunges and OHP - 60 reps each
  2. Superset RDL and Rows - 60 reps each
  3. Complex - Curls, Triceps, Lateral raises - 60 reps each
  4. Farmers Walk with 2x100# for total of 200m

Did a 5’ row upon waking as well.


I’m liking your workout–not the job thing. Good to see that you can take a positive viewpoint of things.


Haha. Thanks. The way I see it is taking a positive view is the only way to stay sane. Otherwise the world will find a way to get you down. I choose not to get knocked down if I can help it, and when I do, you can bet your ass I’m getting back up. More fun that way too!



1 mike jog warmup
10x200m with 200m walk recovery (40” runs with 2’ rest)
1 mile walk cooldown


That’s a lot of running. I would’ve quit after the warm up.


I’d like to get up to 15 or even 20x200 and then start quickening the pace. My favorite workout is 6x150 all out with 5-10’ recovery per run.


Is this meant to be 5-10 minutes of recovery or 5-10 feet? Please tell me it’s minutes. :laughing:


Lol. Minutes!



Alternating sets of Row 250m - 12 reps DB OHP with 50’s. 10 rounds.



  1. 5’ row upon waking. Trying to do this every day as some light extra work.
  2. 40 flights of stairs. Run a flight-rest 15-20 secs run again.
  3. Condo Gym workout
    A. Machine Bench Press - 60 reps up to 200#
    B. DB bent row - 60 reps up to 85#
    A. Cable Curls - 60 reps
    B. Cable push downs - 60 reps
    Farmers walk - 200m with 100# DBs



  1. 5’ row upon waking
  2. 13x2+2 Alternating (L then R) Single Arm DB Power Snatch up to 100#
  3. 7x3+3 DB RFESS (L then R) up to 75# in each hand


Speak of the devil! I just got done reading about those.


Pretty brutal exercise actually. Especially as load got higher.



No gym - golfed - 18 holes and walked so probably 6 miles of walking over course of the round. Shot a 102 lol but actually felt pretty good about how I played. Need to get out more often I think. Back when I played weekly, I typically shot low 80’s so I’m a long way from there.


I’ve never managed to even play bogey golf. I sure love trying though! Back in college I was broke but it was free to pitch and putt so I spent a lot of time doing that. It sure helped my game a lot. I got to where I was almost automatic from 12 feet out and in with the putter and I could come close to chipping in often.

Now anything outside of three feet is questionable.