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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training



Hotel gym pretty good. DBs up to 80#, smith machine that can get loaded up to around 280#, full set up of machine weights and cardio options.


  1. Superset - 8x5
  • Squat (below parallel) with pause at bottom - just ramping up from 100# to 280 with jumps of 20-40# per set.
  • Curl + OHP at 30-50# (45 and 50 done with a small amount of hip on the curl - but not quite a clean).
  1. Complex - 4x8
  • Lat Pull Down (light but slow)
  • RDL - 135
  • Lateral Raises



Events and speeches and meetings all day from 7AM-10PM.


Travel from Istanbul to Frankfurt.
Really good hotel gym. But cramped.


  1. 15 sets of hang snatch high pull-hang snatch high pull-hang power snatch. Mostly at 125
  2. Snatch grip deadlift 5x5 at 265
  3. 60 reps of leg extensions

Will do upper body stuff tomorrow.



Another hotel workout. Busy day today, so just did some quick work in the morning. Chest and lateral raises were on machines. Biceps and Triceps were with free weights.

  1. Superset - 60 reps each
  • Chest Press
  • Lat Pull Down

Reasonably moderate weight on both of these.

  1. Complex - 50 Reps Each
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lateral Raises



Another basic hotel workout. Body weight stuff and arms.


Touristy stuff. Average of 10 miles walking per day. Saw tons of old Athens and new Athens. Temples, statues, museums, islands, etc.


Found a better gym at the hotel.

  1. 2k rowing warmup
  2. Snatch complex - high pull x3+ power snatch. 10 sets. Between 95-135#
  3. Superset 5x10
  • DB military press - 35-40-45-45-50
  • Lat pull downs



Last day before heading home thank goodness. Greece is beautiful, but so is the food, the beach time, etc. I lost some conditioning and strength - and think I may need to go on a cut down to a reasonable body fat/weight. At 205-210 I would look and feel pretty good. 200 is as low as I could go and would look lean but actually skinny I think. My arms don’t carry enough mass to pull off being that light.

Today, experiments w Smith machine

  1. Warmup
  2. Snatch grip deadlifts to 2@335 (bar plus 315)
  3. Zercher squats 5x135-155-175-185-205
  4. Iso hold high pulls - start at belly button and pull as high as possible and hold for 3”. 3x3” at 135-155-185-205-205
  5. Top of snatch lock out holds (pushing as hard as possible against top of machine): 5x15”
  6. Arms - 150 reps across a few movements
  7. Ski ergoneter for 5’

Nice session. Ski erg is a sneaky good workout for pecs, triceps, and lats.



Finally back in the US!

At home after a long day of travel yesterday - today = drinking, reading, and doing 10 rounds of 10 reps:

Single arm OHP with KB
DB curls
DB Lateral raises

Will head to track tomorrow for sprints and throwing.



Jog warmup

Felt good to live but legs are jello.



  1. 5x1’ rowing warmup - averaged about 300m per segment
  2. 1 arm DB snatches 2 each arm @ 40-45-50-55-60-65-70-75-89-85-90-100 (only 1 rep per side)
  3. Lunges w DBs - 7x5 each leg increasing weight @40-45-50-55-60-65-70

Will be feeling the lunges tomorrow I think.


Quick workout at home - will get a proper gym workout in tomorrow and Thursday.

  1. Complex - 5 rounds of 15
  • OH single arm KB press
  • Bent single arm KB row
  • KB swings
  1. Complex - 5x15
  • DB curls
  • Tricep Ext
  • lateral raise
  • KB swings



  1. Warmup - jog and mobility
  2. Snatch high pulls up to 275 (to 3” above belly)
  3. Snatch grip deadlift - 8x3 at 325


Yesterday was actually 6/6 - so today was 6/7 - so 6 days in a row. Woo! Not all full or great workouts - but something.

More on the road for client meetings - but did 300 swings with 55# KB. Not too bad.



Took 6/8 off


  1. Long warmup - 6x100m strides - buildups - drills - dynamic mobility
  2. 12x18m acceleration
  3. Plyos - standing LJ and 3 x 2 leg hops - out to 9’5” and 26’9”

Compared to last time I did acceleration and Plyos - these are feeling better. Quicker, snappier, lighter. Just getting a few more reps in over a few months makes a huge difference. If I can get to 2 track sessions a week, everything will improve - even my lifts - as it gives more work at the faster and lighter end of the force velocity curve - which makes it easier to fire quickly on all the lifts.



Golf. Oh man that was bad. First round of the year. 98. But lots of good walking lol.



Jog and walk warm-up then

14x190m. I keep extending the distance on these, and probably am going faster each session even with that. Not leaning out much yet. But still good sessions. Next week will be 15x200 - might keep adding volume till 20x200m - or might start lowering volume back down and picking up speed.

Also some light body building in the house. Worked from home today, so easier to get stuff in.

Quite sore from golf yesterday.



  1. Mobility and bodyweight warm-up
  2. Hang Snatch and Hang Clean High Pulls + Muscle Snatch or Muscle Clean (Pull, Pull, Snatch/Clean) up to 125 snatch and 185 clean (this one was not quite a muscle clean)
  3. Squat 8x3 up to 325 (was not feeling able to 8x3 at 325, so just did 3 sets at that weight). Honestly, to go 10# heavier than last real squat session (which was about a month ago) is not too bad.
  4. Metcon - Equal parts work/rest - 4 rounds of 5 reps each:
  • Power Snatch (115)
  • Thruster (115)
  • Bent Barbell Row (115)
  • Snatch Grip RDL (115)
  • Wall Ball (30#)

Good little metcon. Got the heart rate seriously up.



Short on time - so just did 60 flights of stairs.



  1. Assault bike warm-up + dynamic mobility.
  2. Split Snatch - 10x1+1 (left + right) to 155
  3. Hang Clean - 8x2 to 225

Solid AM session.


6/15 off


OL technique session. About an hour of coaching. Think I’m finally starting to groove a vertical bar path - but still don’t understand how I can be stronger (squat and deadlift) and more explosive (vertical and standing LJ) and have guys outlift me by significant margins. Making technical progress though - and while weights don’t feel any lighter, I feel positions better.



Track session

  1. Warm-up (jog, drills, build-ups)
  2. Shot Put - About 10-12 standing throws
  3. Discus - About 10-12 standing throws
  4. Acceleration - 10x19m

Running felt pretty good. Throws were not. Session cut short bc one of my kids had to hit the bathroom - which was locked!



Travel Day - Up at 5 AM home at 11:45 PM - No workout