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CrossPower - CrossFit/Speed/Power Training


5/4 More travel - just needed a down day - so chilled out.

5/5 - Track workout:

  1. Long warm-up: Strides, Dynamic mobility, skips, hops, bounds
  2. Shot Put - 20 throws (all standing) out to about 37’+ on best. Most more like 34-36. One might have been 38. Release is sloppy, and not getting full body behind it.
  3. Discus - 20 throws (all standing) out to a couple around 110’ - but most under 100. Release was awful and I only had a few that I got through the whole throw.
  4. Acceleration Development: 11x17m - These felt great. Mechanically sound, powerful strides, picking up speed better than I had been.
  5. Plyos - 35 contacts

Everything is getting a little better - but not expecting to make progressive improvements every session when I’m only getting through a cycle once a week or so. At the size I am, however, I would expect shot put and discus to both just go a lot further due to the mass behind the throws.



  1. Mobility warmup and some easy rowing
  2. Hang snatch grip high pulls 3x35-65-95-105-115-125
  3. Hang Muscle Snatch 3x95-95-105-105-115
  4. Hang Power-Hang Power-Power Clean 3x135-155-185-195-205-215-225-225

For it being an AM workout after a pretty high intensity day yesterday, was pretty happy about this session.


5/7 - AM Workout

  1. Slow Squat Warm-up - light weight plus mobility.
  2. 8x3 Safety Bar Squat at 295#
  3. Low handle T-Bar Deadlift plus farmers walk with 225# - 10 rounds of 3 reps plus 50 feet.

Since I hadn’t done any squatting in almost a month, decided to go down 10# - still felt pretty fast and easy. Done to a box at exactly parallel to remind not to go too low or too high. Deadlift plus walk was pulled basically from front page of T-nation. Nice little session. I didn’t do it for time, just did a round hard, then repeated every minute or so.



AM home session

Recovery circuits 10 rounds:

  1. 5 slow pushups
  2. 10 alternating lunges
  3. 10 hollow rocks
  4. 10 curls
  5. 10 tricep extension
  6. 10 lateral raise

Nice way to start the day doing something. Will do some stuff w KB at office too.


Thought that looked familiar!



AM again

  1. Aerdyne warmup
  2. Superset 8x3 155-185-225-275- 4 sets at 305
  • safety bar squat
  • snatch grip deadlift
  1. 5x10 wall ball shots to 13’ target with 25# ball

Good session today. I was going to do 8 working sets but felt like too much volume at that intensity. Will get one good session with each of those lifts next week as well, before taking off for a 2 week business trip.


In looking at my log and what work I do (volume and frequency) - it is really pretty low. I try to be as efficient as possible - and do as much as I can in a reasonable period of time, but the volume just isn’t there. When I was in my best shape (in the “over 30” era) was in 2011, at 31 - and I was training probably 15 hours per week between track and gym. And now am more like 5 hours probably, which may be enough to slow father time, but probably not enough to make gains. Need to figure out how to get more volume of both movement and training somehow. One option might be to have a marathon session once a week on weekend.



Another long work day.

300 KB swings at home (55# KB)

Traveling tomorrow - might try to get a run in.


15 hours is quite a bit by anyone’s standards. Good luck with that!


Yeah - probably not happening lol!


Traveling again. This time to FL again for my oldest son’s 13th birthday. Holy cow the years fly by.

Got a workout in at the condo we are staying at before going to pick the kids up. Pretty good gym but mostly machines. Did 50-100 reps each of:

  1. Leg Press
  2. DB OH press
  3. Leg Curls
  4. Lat Pull-Downs
  5. Leg Ext
  6. Bicep Curls
  7. Tricep Ext
  8. Lateral Raise

Will have some good soreness tomorrow. Nice to move around after a 3 hour plane trip.



2k rowing warmup in 400m reps w 30” rest per. Total time of 7’04”

  1. Superset 75 reps
  • KB swing - 70#
  • goblet squat - 70#
  1. Pistol squat - 15 reps each leg
  2. Superset 50 Reps
  • pushups
  • upright rows light weight

Pushups actually felt okay on shoulder.



  1. Barbell and mobility warm-up
  2. Hang Power Snatch Technique work - 25 reps total between 75 and 150.
  3. Hang Power Clean Technique work - 10 total reps between 165 and 225
  4. Snatch Grip Deadlift - Warm-ups at 225, 255, 275 then 8x3 at 315

Solid AM session - although my cleans and snatch are still feeling kind of shitty. They really regressed when I went through a period of not doing them for quite awhile.



  1. Jog and stretch warmup
  2. 12x170m intervals. 1’30” rest.

Working these up to 15x200 at this pace (about 35” 200 pace with 1’ rest per 100m run) then will keep at 200 distance and gradually reduce number of runs and increase pace by 1” per week with a bit more recovery until I get down to 3x200m at 24-25” with more like 5’ recovery per run. By that point I should be down to 53” 400 shape or faster by end of summer. I’d consider that a huge success. Would guess I’m in 58” condition right now which is miserably slow.


No, it’s not. I can tell that you still hold yourself to high standards :smile:


Well - hopefully I don’t lower them too low too soon. I’m currently at a level of a decent HS girl lol. There is an 18 year old freshman girl at U of K who is running 49 seconds.



  1. Prowler Warm-up
  2. Plyos: 25 Jumps - just single jumps up to 24 and 30" box. No rebound - just counter movement jumps.
  3. Squats - warm-up sets at 65, 85, 115, 155, 205, 245, 295 - then
  • 8x3 at 315

Squats moving a little slower than last couple weeks, but still progressing.

Getting ready for a 2 week overseas trip, which I am not sure what the workouts will look like, so trying to get in a little bit of heavier work before traveling. Will likely do mostly hotel gym stuff and running from Sunday onward.


It’s funny you say that - I told my wife about your running goals and she said that those times were good high school times. I’ve never trained for track and never been able to do much. I had to work to get a 27 sec 200m a few years back. Remember we’re adults now. Most adult males couldn’t make it around the track once without stopping LOL



OL technical session

  1. Dynamic warmup
  2. About 50-60 snatch reps from 12” blocks. Mostly high pull-high pull - power snatch. A few sets of high pull - power snatch riding down to an OH squat. Weight at 95-120lbs. (60-75%).
  3. OL accessory lifts - mostly rowing, scare crows (like a face pull but keeping arms straight and moving to side).
  4. 5’ easy row.



Travel day - Boston>Istanbul - LONG day!