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Crossfitter Drops Barbell on Neck



They called a snatch a clean and jerk, could’ve at least googled. News organisations nowadays… It’s not that bad anyways.

me quite some time ago, wait till the end.


I have done some very stupid stuff too. The amount of times my dumbbell nearly collapsed on me when the plates slide.


Good thing your plates are full of Helium or something worse could’ve happened. (sarcasm implied)


I have had injuries too lol badly bruised elbows collapsing a handstand etc. I am sure I had it my wead weightlifting too probably with 40kg.


Meh, you will end up doing this sort of thing if you lift for long enough. The other day I was doing a clean and press, sort of received the bar too far backwards, realised I wasn’t going to be able to save it, fell over, ended up holding the weight above me as if I’d just done a floor press, and then had to manouver the barbell off me


Girl needs to learn how to bail. Also is that really 155/156 on the bar, or does she have a weird brand of bumpers? I feel like you should know how to bail by then. She didn’t even lock her elbows out, or try to get out of the way. Weird.


I think it’s just one of those things that happen. I’ve seen/had situations where the elbow just unlocks itself. In her case, I guess it must’ve been both elbows at once.

Basically this.


I’ve done the exact same.

Caught the bar and went down into the front squat position and then realized my balance was horribly off. Decided that it would just be safer to sit on my ass than try to front squat when it felt like my entire weight was on the heel of my left foot.

Still a complete novice at the Olympic lifts, but the general gist I’m getting is that it’s probably safer to ditch the moment things feel off than trying to get them up.

Unless, of course, you’re in a competition and you’re on your final attempt or some such. Risk horrific injuries for that gold!


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