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CrossFit Reich?


The title of the thread might be inappropriate. If someone could help find a better word choice to follow 'CrossFit' in reference to the following experience, that would be great.

Some members on this site have had their problems with CrossFit. Whether it be the workouts, their philosophy, their claims, and/or their "Coaches". With all the questions I've asked of the "coaches" I was spared the fate that some of the more inquisitive members of the T-Nation have faced. Yes, those members are bitter. That was until today...

Me- "Are CrossFit journals usually this late to arrive?"

This is about 7pm Hawai'i time. I was actually looking forward to this journal due to the content covering bike riding. I wanted to read their "spin" on the topic. It's a product that is usually prepared and in email boxes before the last US State to see the sun.

Very innocent question. The response was humorous, but very familiar.

Them- "Patience trey. If you start complaining you will have to deal with the CrossFit complaint department and that won't be pleasant."

I saw the humor, so I played along with what I thought was a playful joke. Since the question was not implying anything.

Me returning the joke- "Yes, I heard about that. Sounds lots like fascism (Deal with it, no questions asked. If you don't like it, go elsewhere.), but I paid a fee. On the other hand, since I paid $ for a product due on the 1st of the month, I would love to hear the reason why I haven't gotten what I paid for. A complaint? The journals are part of the business. There would be no bother if this stuff were for free."

With a mix of the joke and a bit of seriousness, I am no pro about business but with good beginning experiences with Biotest and other online businesses, explanations are usually very quick and understood. Maybe I pushed too far, check this out.

The COACH- "Brian is CrossFit staff. He's being "funny". Now its my turn.

Fascism, huh? You liberals use that too loosely.

The journals are going out as we speak. So is your refund and your last CrossFit Journal. I'm also blocking your access to the free CrossFit website.

For the record it is 10:32 PM, February 1st. All goods delivered on time, as promised.

The Complaint Department

Comment #112 - Posted by Coach"

A very sensitive man this Coach. I never knew liberals were the only people who use the word "fascism". Hence where the joke was. Then again, the truth does get taken as insult.
At least I know now what group I belong to, since I never really belonged or sided with one political group.

Maybe I deserved it if I lived and breathed in their world. But when you don't live and breathe in their world, you're just a floating blip to be discarded whenever they please. Never question the validity or reliability of their Coach, even if joking.

Here at T-Nation on the other hand. I like this place. I can make a dumb joke, get slammed on it, and not get banned from the site.

*side note- I guess for the past couple months there has been politcal discussion uprisings being brought on by the "coach" and company. Many members have become former members. Obviously due to differing political opinions from the "coach" and admin. That's too bad. Their fitness approach is opposite from their political practice, but they were bringing it together.



It's people like you, chubs, who give hard-working men like 'coach' a bad name.

And by hard-working I mean spiteful and fat.

Fuck 'em.


Fuck em if they can't take a joke.

Who needs to pay for that stuff anyway?


I don't suppose anyone has a recent picture of this "Coach" douchebag?


The dude on the right.


I train at Crosssfit Boston and This is the second thing I have heard about Crossfit HQ that pisses me off. I have a great Coach at my facility and I love training there. It is a shame that these stories exist.


Douchbaggery at it's finest.


Yuch. He could maybe coach me on buffet stategies.


yup, hes got douchebaggery written all over him


I think that T-shirt says it all. Enlarge the picture and take a good look. :slightly_smiling:


He looks like a pathetic physical specimen. It looks like he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

I though he was going to challenge TC to some sort of physical contest? I hope it was donut eating.


Yes lets compare that classy image to our barbaric tribal symbol shirts.

Hmm.......vomiting clown or tribal image....which inspires you more?



So I went over to the crossfit site to check it out for myself.

Man do they not like T-Nation. Apparently we represent all that is wrong with the S&C game. We're knuckle dragging, dimwitted, foul mouthed (ok they got us there), outlaws who hate our Mama and rip the heads off of puppies after we anally violate them...

And it seems as if the head dude "Coach" is really against everything we stand for. As leaders who are losing grips on the reigns often do, he challenged his competitor (TC) to a contest to prove once and forall who's the better man, for $10,000.

"Oh yeah? I challenge you to a duel, with my women, no-less! I'll show you a thing or two!"

No need to even waste your time with that BS, just move on.

They subscribe to taking the moral high road, but they come off seeming like they're superior, and for lack of a better term, well, dorky...

Like they hold their pinky finger out when they tip back a protien shake.

The jist of one of the threads talked about hard-on's, calling the act "levitation"

Then someone further down more or less said "careful now, no need to get filthy!"


Some of the guys over there seem like they're on the cusp of being quality dudes, like they hold up the crossfit facade to keep the wife happy but then come over here when she hits the hay and the lights go down to check on the ass worship thread...

Of course this is just the opinion of one guy (me) and maybe my views are skewed since I went to that site with a critical eye.

In short, they do their thing, we do ours. I fit in better over here, have a pretty devout loyalty to the Nation since I found this site when I was at a low point, so, I'm staying...



In a way this was a rant thread, but the mutual respect T-Nation and CrossFit have for eachother was clearly brought about by the less Testosterone-behavin' site. Sad though, I mean seriously, T-Nation never once picked on CrossFit. At least I didn't think T-Nation did.

At first CrossFit was tolerant of most of us T-Nation brothers and sisters. But in a few threads it was made clear to me that Zone and Paleo were the accepted info of nutrition there. It didn't matter whether I agreed with them or not, but in presenting the middle path (one of my favorite articles by Dr Berardi, the 7 Habits) I almost found the humor in how several members were attempting to discredit the "middle path".

Anyone who really ever read and has done the "middle path" knows that it's an all good way to approach nutrition. After a snide comment regarding the trampling of the "middle path", I was verbally reprimanded but nothing like being banned.

But to be honest, there are 2 areas of CF. Politics (fascism as it has been proven lol) and fitness. Takes a smart person to try to combine the two, many sheep have fallen due to fear of losing their "ace in the hole". Takes the smarter person to keep that crap separate and not play along with their game. They almost got the whole pimp n ho act on lock over there.

lol The whole morality trip CF is on reminds me of a time when in the message board the discussion was on other methods of pushups. I suggested dive bombers along with links to sites that had them. With my T-Nation ladden humor I posted that it looked like an exercise to improve sex technique and the muscles involved. I got messaged that I needed to clean up my posts later that day.

Nah I don't hate them as they do the T-Nation. They just need to get their heads out of their asses. Their boolsheet makes me wanna choose a side and be a str8 up liberalist. rofl.

Walkin' the "middle path".


While I have said that some of the CF ideas are good, after he called out Dan John I lost all respect for "Coach." And this incident just confirms that - a complete and inappropriate overreaction. I'm done saying anything positive about CF.

Speaking of low class, check out the "Uncle Rhabdo" T-shirt. This came out a few days after someone developed rhabdomyolysis following a CF workout. Someone almost died, and what does "Coach" do? He comes out with this T-shirt. And the Kool Aid drinkers all responded with "Yeah, that's hilarious, I'll take two!" I'm all for a joke, but this crossed the line, IMO.


I wouldn't have it any other way. Except the knuckle dragging. Thats a sign of some serious skeletal/muscular issues.

I'm going to have to stop by that site, just to enjoy a few laughs.


What was the Dan John incident? Now I feel bad for buying Dan's DVD through them.


Are you serious?

He challenged me?

This is the first I've heard of it.


Notice the recurring theme of clowns? The dude must not think very highly of his clients.


man! i just went on their site and it seems those guys don't dig T-Nation in the least.