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Crossfit Pic... (Not What You Think)


I'm sure this was a joke but still.....


haha thats awesome. If I got one of those shirts for free I would wear it to the gym, shave my pencil thin mustache and do my new dance


I'll take up collections to buy gregron a Bieber Fever t-shirt.


I saw a T-shirt that said "Future Mrs Beiber". Should have bought that shit, it'd have been HAWT!


I wear my "ministry of silly walks" and math team shirts to the gym all the time.


I saw a skinny dude at the gym with a Lady Gaga t shirt with the sleeves cut off. He looked super bad ass.



It actually only has a picture of that 3rd pose.


I loved those guys, I still watch the show every time it comes on BBC. I actually got my kids liking it when they were young. 3 of them can quote the holy grail


Good to hear at least some childeren are being raised properly these days!


I want to find pink patent leather wrestling boots like Bret the Hitman Hart had and wear then to the gym so fucking bad it makes my balls ache.

Because really is there anything sassier? No sir there is not.


Those shades he wore were pretty sick as well.


I read all this stuff on the net about how people hate Justin Bieber and that he's bad and gay and all this terrible stuff.
I just don't get it.


C'mon! Kid's closet has a screen door.


^^ Kid?!?!?

I thought Justin Bieber is the name of the scientist who discovered penicillin?

Well then who is this guy you're all talking about???