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Crossfit on ESPN


WHat do yal think about crossfit being on ESPN and the idea of crossfit overall?


Good for them, being on ESPN will likely result in more $

As for Xfit itself:
Most of the people doing it work harder than 99% of the haterz. But a lot of the intelligent criticism is valid... I choose not to do it, but don't really fault anyone that does.

Guy pictured is a moron, who happens to do crossfit


I look at it similarly to trendy metal music. While I don't typically enjoy it, it's a good gateway into the underground. As long as they aren't one of those crossfit is the only way of life type people I don't think it's bad.


If he can do that and not harm the kid then whats the problem?


Because the risk is way too high for any reward.

Most parents wouldn't purposely put their child in that type of risk situation for a "photo op".

It is akin to MJ hanging his kid out the window. He knew he had a good grip, so no problem right?


This. I'm watching it.

...don't judge, ANYTHING beats baseball, real talk.

EDIT: Awesome, female episode coming on. Epic fappalanche is looking eminent.


Let people do what they want.

Guy in the pic is an ass though. Too high of a risk there.


I would have sex with some of these woman on now (eastern time zone)


I'm turning on my TV .... now


Yeah, but the problem is you're watching The Biggest Loser. You should turn to crossfit and checkout the women there. Hmmmmmmm, tasty.


Did y'all see that girl in the purple do her "pull-ups" .. I think she was just having a seizure with amazing coordination


Fat girls need love too ... yea buuuuddy


lol @ biggest loser.

If the announcer would shut up she'd be hot, but her talking fucks it all up


Im watching and impressed.

I also partake.

Be mad.


watching this amy dracup is impressive, i think ill follow this sport the same way i follow volleyball and just ignore the men, some of the men have impressive builds tho


No man in their right mind would ever be mad about a woman participating in crossfit.

...and this show demonstrates exactly why.


I have major issues with 95% of affiliates, simply because they have inexperienced/unqualified coaches charging people large sums of money for canned 1 hr workouts that involve a lot of complicated movements that most of the clients cannot do safely.

Then the clients end up drinking the kool-aid like its water from the holy grail, go all kinds of crazy prosletyzing friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and whoever is nice enough to listen.

In the end its a step above a spin class, just a fancy group exercise class meant to generate profits, which I can't hate on.

The market is nearing saturation though, and when you have 4 crossfit affiliates in a 25 square mile zone, shit is bound to happen. I'm looking forward to some affiliate wars in the near future.

Don't make the mistake of comparing the NFL with peewee football. Its the difference between xfit games caliber athletes and the average crossfit client.


I watched Amy at the Australasian regionals, very impressive to say the least.

Most people here in Oz would not even know what crossfit is, its still fairly underground.


I wouldn't be mad at any women doing crossfit but I'd prefer if they'd trained like a power lifter.


maybe this will get some more Oly lifters. not a fan of crossfit but that's cool that it's on ESPN either way.