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CrossFit Gaymes

Let the Gaymes begin: http://moynihaninstitute.com/

Someone’s bitter.

I’ve saved the best for last. The cherry on top of the Gaymes would in include a WWF type set up with lights, smoke machines and ring girls. A flying saucer or something could descend upon the Gaymes and out would pop Dan John and his entourage. A couple of undercover operatives, I have some CrossShit moles, could snatch Glassdick and drag him into the ring kicking and screaming to meet Dan “the Fitness Celebrity Inquisitor” John.

He doesn’t have to hurt Glassdick too badly but just enough so we can all get some closure on that whole retarded scenario that went down. Make sure you get ring side seats for this one. It’s sure to please.

so, out of boredom i scrolled down to the end of the page, and he’s got some interesting review of T-Nation and some other fitness sites.

And by interesting, i mean bullshit.