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Crossfit Games


In the spirit of CT's foray into cross fit and loaded carries/athletic stuff, I watched the games today. Rich Froning's physique seemed to have gotten substantially better from last year, and is like a perfect example of the "power look".

Obviously he does elite level cross fit training and has years of a strength base but it was definitely cool to see the power aesthetic along with such performance prowess.

I think he does the "paleo" diet, however defined. CT - do you think adequate performance/results could from your training style combined with a "paleo" meat/veggies diet with all carbs coming from Plazma intraworkout? Maybe a quest bar at night if craving desert or some milk/cereal.

Or would you recommend much higher carb intake? (+potato, +rice, +starches throughout day?)


Froning doesn't do anything close to "paleo". He drinks milk, eats pb&j and eats basically whatever he wants. Good drugs, better genetics and hard work is what he does.


Froening probably eats a worse diet than most people on this website. He mentioned in an interview that he eats anything he wants, that with his daily energy expenditure he can not only do that but probably needs it to.


In fact, I strongly doubt that there is any serious Crossfit "competitor" who eats paleo. There is simply no way to do that amount of daily work and perform at a high level eating strict paleo.

Out of all the Crossfit competitors that I train (8 of them) none of them eat paleo, and they are all women who tend to be stricter with their diet than men.


what drugs?

I cant wait to start doing crossfit type workouts once my mobility allows it.


Ginkgo biloba... What do you think?


^ lol. Jump squat article is great. Used to do a few sets before hockey. As you said it helps prepare you for you workouts you feel better than usual after doing them. Once I was on the ice I felt lighter.


Yep, originally I started using it with hockey players. I had several pros use it before games.

Funny thing is that one of the pros I was training this year... well... I had them do jump squats and his first comment was "Hey, a lot of the Russian players I played with do that before games". It's one of those things that many people independently found to work great for many reasons and purposes.


I will have to try the jump squats before hockey!

I made that comment sarcastically to whiteflash because I was reading through another crossfit thread and he posted 4 or 5 times how Rich Froning is "juiced to the gills" etc. It just seems odd he has such a hard on to spread that rumor.


I remmeber froning mentioning low carb in a vid ("I've been eating jars of peanut butter instead") but yeah I'm off base with the paleo assumption,that answers it!


Also tried the jump squats. Barbell felt awkward because bar would move in air and jiggle around at landing. Holding DB in goblet position felt good. Favorite is probably holding two dumbells by side (using straps) which easily covers the 20-30% of my max squat and felt the best.

I like the "violence" description. For some reason though, I feel a lot more violent gripping a bar and cleaning/snatching motions. The loaded jumps felt "stifling". When I jump unloaded, I throw the arms and entire upper body which gives me that "violent" feeling. Maybe that could be it or I need time to get reacquainted with legs..


CT: My coach and I actually worked with the three female winners of this years past games, relatively close to paleo. They are not strict but its clean sources of foods and structured carbs and cheat meals. We worked with them all the way until the finish and monitored diet and supplements, they were extremely dedicated and spot on throughout. Mostly its paleo with some wiggle room and exclusion of anything to potentially cause allergies. They were very paleo to start and then we opened up carb time with them.