CrossFit Games & PEDs: New Greg Glassman Vid

Thought this was interesting. Video-recorded from Instagram.

For those that don’t know, Glassman is the founder and former CEO of CrossFit. He sold it a couple of years ago after a few controversies.

Surprised? Not surprised in the least?

For the record, the CrossFit Games are drug tested, but we all know about the assorted f*ckery that goes along with drug testing.

Well, we do have an article called, Beating the CrossFit Drug Test, so it shouldn’t be a huge shocker.

But a lot of people thought Liver King was natural, so… :woman_shrugging:


I think they should embrace the obvious and just go full gonzo.

Tear down the already tattered veil and wipe their drug laden asses with it.


I have long supported the idea of the “Totally Drugged Olympics.” Our scientists against your scientists. In the spirit of international competition, we’d probably learn more about medicine and other technologies than in the last 50 years. All of that innovation would trickle down to practical cures for regular people. Kinda like how the Space Race gave us velcro and Tang, but better.

After that… cyborg Olympics. Within two Olympic cycles, we’d have tech to replace wheelchairs, and the elderly would be running sprints.


I’ve been a libertarian regarding recreational and, for a lack of a better word, enhancing drug use in the past. I’ve abandoned my soft stance because society has suffered from all kinds of laissez-faire policies.

While steroids in pro strength sports were always there in a pandoric sense -meaning you can’t simply ban them- weekend warriors are doing heavier cycles nowadays.
They also start out earlier. Teenagers are showing off their semi-legal gains on insta in return for social media clout.
And all this is downstream not necessarily from pro sports but from this wishy washy style of plausible deniability lawyer talk.

“He could be natural.”
“Don’t ask, don’t tell.”
“Ancestral tenets, brah.”

To us the liver king was ridiculous, but he fooled tens of thousands of people. Last time I felt the itch to rep out some chinups after a run I had to wait in line. A couple of boys were showing off their scrawny arms n’ abs between sets. While I didn’t get any (un)cultural references, it was clear they were talking about Sarms.

I remember years ago, the site ran a little competition, ‘what does lifting mean to you’ or something like that.
We got a number of nice essays. Many stressed the simple yet noble side of strength training. Universal principles that never betray you, this sort of thing.

Turns out, cheating and especially hypocrisy is worse than ever.
Maybe Pavel should have said:

“I may not be a panty sniffer, but at least I never promoted unrealistic goals!”


He was, is, and always will be…

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HA! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I go with the “of course” approach any time there’s a lot of money in something. Of course athletes use steroids if there’s money to win.

I’m onboard with the argument that it’s hurting younger athletes and it takes away all the lessons of the sport… but that goes far beyond steroids. There is nothing recreational about youth football anymore, for example, and you get picked to be in the best camps by the time you’re 7 and know whether you’ll play at the D1 level by the time you’re 13 (and which school is based on which shoe company sent you to camp). There are exceptions, but this has become the vast rule. Fortunately, it’s often still the best athletes; often, however, it’s the kid with connected parents that gets coached up to the opportunity. The point of all that is that it’s not teaching the work ethic, earn your way, meritocracy we all associated with sports growing up.

I’m not even sure how I conflated those two things, but I guess my main point is money corrupts sports and steroids ain’t going away so long as we pay the players.


Which ironically, would Actually level the playing field and become the most honest division of sport by admitting to using peds.

Crazy, huh?

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Money, fame, accolades, social media, making up for the fact that daddy didn’t love them, etc.

I remember when one of my first jobs at T Nation was answering all the emails. Guy emails us asking about his steroid cycle. Why was he using steroids? To perform better on the company softball team.

As I’ve always said, you can make anything a competition, buy a $10 plastic trophy as a prize, and someone will cheat to win it. Weird.

Apparently, competitive fishing is wrought with cheating these days: people stuffing the fish with weights, people catching a prize-winning fish then keeping it alive until competition day and “catching” it that day to win, etc. Of course, there’s pretty good money involved in fishing competitions these days, not to mention all those groupies begging you to sign their copy of West Texas Bass Fishermen Quarterly.



As an alternative to what?

Sure, most are drugged now, but since it’s kept on the DL, the innovation is limited and kept secret. Open it up and we learn more.

I could always write an update! LOL.


Yes please. Your articles are always a treat!