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Crossfit for Cut


Hi coach Thibaudeau, thank you very much for your latest article about crossfit.

Reading your crossfit article, previous 20 mins muscle builder article and other high frequency low rep articles, I began thinking of utilizing crossfit for my contest preparation. At the moment I am preparing for a local physique contest coming in 5 weeks. My fat loss is slower than what I expected and thats why I came with this idea to accelerate my fat loss.

my strong parts: tris and back width (strictly speaking, its actually structural shoulder width)
my OK parts: pecs, lateral delts, quads
my weak parts: rear and front delts, biceps, calves

Here is my vague plan

bench 5-1 reps 3-5 sets
rear raise 8 reps 4 sets
Elizabeth (clean & dips)

front press 5-1 x 3-5 sets (or perhaps lateral raise 8 x 4)
heavy DB curl 6 x 4 sets
Fran (thruster & pull ups)

(ab and calves after the workout)
(I couldnt think of leg emphasized program)

How do you think?
Am I getting totally wrong? or this kind of workout would give some result?
should I just trash it or can it be fixed?
any mention would be greatly appreciated.


I would actually include plenty of prowler work… something I did with one of my figure girl was, twice a week:

This needs a wheelbarrow and a prowler, side by side
50 yards wheelbarrow walk (loaded of course)
50 yards sprint back
50 yards prowler pushing

5 rounds

If you don’t have a wheelbarrow you can use heavy dumbbells and make it a farmer’s walk

One that I did yesterday was:

5 push press (about 70%)
10 box jumps

5 rounds for time


Thank you very much for your reply.

I don’t have wheelbarrows but I can do sprints and farmers walk.
I will try those with the workout.