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Crossfit for BJJ/MMA?

Hey guys, I’d rather this not be a debate about the values of crossfit for mma, I’ve decided to start it and it feels good so far. We all know a debate about crossfit can go a long way, and so can a debate about how to train for mma, I’d really rather not combine the two.

For those who do use crossfit as their conditioning/strength training mode, how have you worked it into your schedule effectively. Its great that the workouts are short and don’t interfere with work etc, but I worry about over training etc. if I do all the workouts recommended…did you pick and choose and if so, on what basis.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

the doc

Don’t know if you have read through this thread or not, but a lot of these issues were covered-


This is a side note to any conditioning discussion, but I finally have started to gas people out in training with out feeling at least a little rundown myself.

I spent a good chunk of time doing tough conditioning circuits with high-rep Olympic lifts, sled dragging, sledgehammer work, etc. That helped a little, but not as much as what I’m doing now.

What I’m doing now is just training BJJ more often. I do some lifting, but only focus on strength training, not making it some kind of dual hybrid.

I didn’t believe it when people told me what I’m saying now. But for me I sure wasted a lot of time looking for the perfect workout when I should have just spent more time on the mat.

thanks guys

Yep. A combination of time on the mat, and really intense conditioning. One thing my coach likes to do is for two workouts a week, we do 45 min minimum of intense conditioning work (hill sprints, calisthenics, stair runs and more) followed by 45 mins of hard sparring/rolling. Combines the best (worst?) of both worlds.

It really helps to learn how to fight when you are already exhausted.

Ross fit is way better: