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Crossfit Football?



I have done Starting Strenght a couple of times, but found this quite boring.
A few months ago I started with crossfit at home. I was really enjoying this because of the variations and the fact that you never know in advance what the WOD will be. But soon I began to miss the aspect of strenght. I began to google for bringing more strenght in crossfit and came on a program called 'CrossfitFootball'.

It starts with a SWOD (strength workout of the day) followed by a DWOD (daily workout of the day). The SWOD looks like this:
monday: squat & press
thuesday: deadlift
wednesday: rest (only DWOD)
thursday: squat & bench press
friday: power clean
saterday: rest (only DWOD)
sundag: total rest

The SWOS is build on the principles of Starting Strength:
- decreasing the load every session
- the same amount of sets and reps
- the same pauzes (max. 5 min. between sets)
The difference is that Starting Strength has three exercises per day instead of two or one.

I can only train on monday and thuesday because I do martial arts three times a week.
This means I miss out on the deadlift and Power Clean. I try to do them on a different day but mostly I just don't do them. But I find them very important, especially the deadlift. Now I was thinking if it would be a good idea to do supersets. Not with the squat, but press/deadlift and bench press/power clean. Does anybody has experience in supersetting 2 compound exercises for strength?


You’re basically tweaking a program that’s already been tweaked from another, hmm…

When you’re lifting weights inorder to assist another sport, everything you do in the weight room should serve a purpose. I experienced this phenomenon a lot and after 5 years worth of mistakes, now understand it.

Starting strength already makes you do deadlift with squat & OHP (wednesdays) and power clean with squat & Bench( Mon/Fri) days. So you can just cut one day short and lift 2 days a week a la SS.

If you’re taking the percentages as in the program (heavy) its a very bad idea to superset them. Why would you want to superset them anyway, because it feels more like crossfit?


The reason I want to superset them is to gain some time.
I train in my garden with a friend and we only have one barbell.
For example: my friend starts with the ramping up (warming up sets) of the squat followed by the first workset.
Then I do the ramping up followed by the first workset. Then we are already 20 min or so further.
Then he performes the second workset, then I do it after a little rest and so on.
I lift more weights than he does, so every set we have to switch the plates.

If we do 2 exercises this way, it takes at least one hour.
With a little run before and a WOD after, it takes a long time to finish a training.

My friend comes over at 20u30.
Mostly we start running from 20u45 to 21u (approximatly).
Than setting up our ‘gym’: putting a construction light outside and decovering the plates (our ‘gym’ is not covered).
Often when we finish the strength-training we find it to late to do the WOD.
Result: only having performed a strength-training with 2 exercises.
So I have to do something to make our training more effective.

I think I have the following options:

  1. Doing the Crossfit Football program as it is intended.
    So doing just 2 strength-exercises followed by a WOD.
    Then I have to find some time on 2 other days to do a deadlift and a power clean.
    But with my busy scedule (2 kids, company, martial arts, wife :slight_smile: ) I already know this is’t always going to work.

  2. Doing the CFFB program with addition of the deadlift and power clean in the squat/press and squat/bench press days.
    I wanted to try this with supersets, but probabily that’s not a good idea.
    So if I ad the exercises at the end of the SWOD, I am just performing SS followed by a WOD.
    If I want to do that, I have to find ways to shorten the SWOD (setting up in advance, using alarms for pauze, switching platse as fast as possible…)

  3. Forgetting the WOD’s and doing a good strength-program for 2 days a week.

Before anyone can give me some advise, you have to know what my goals are.
This could be SS or some other program.
I want to get strong and fit and some extra mass would be appreciated.
I don’t specifically want to train for a sport.

On wednesday and saterday I do jiu-jitsu. We always perform push ups, sit ups…; Often we do a HIIT or circuit-training.
On friday I do Thai boxing and that’s always very heavy. We start with rope skipping alternated with push ups, sit ups and squats.
Often followed by a circuit or something like that. The rest of the training we are punchin and kicking and at the end we finish with something like 2 minutes working on pillowes so we are always totally wrecked at the end.
Maybe this is sufficient for conditioning and I can just drop the WOD’s…

My stats:
Height: 1,84 m (6 ft 0,44")
Weight: +/- 85 kg (+/- 188 lb)
Squat (deep): 3 x 5 x 115 kg (254 lb)
Bench Press: 3 x 5 x 72 kg (159 lb)
Press: 3 x 5 x 50 kg (110 lb)
Deadlift: 1 x 5 x 145 kg (320 lb)