CrossFit + Firearms

It’s “America’s Fasted Growing Sport!” Wait, they say about every form of competition. Anyway, looks like there are several different variations of this out there. Basically, CrossFit or Strongman-looking events mixed with shooting. This video is from the Tactical Games (thanks @idaho).

Looks like a 3-gun competition ramped up. Here’s something similar:

Note the trap-bar farmer’s walk at 2:48.

Shooting under fatigue and the stress/pressure of competition seems like a great practical challenge. And the training some of these women do is amazing. Lots of loaded carries and drags, barbell work, etc.

Anyone try it?

Also, seems like a great opportunity for coaches: a new kind of athlete to train. Calling @Christian_Thibaudeau. You up for it? Look, they’re already doing Zercher variations.


You’re allowed to drop the weights if you’re strapped. New gym rule.


This photog does great work on these events: Login • Instagram


With recent developments like these, maybe the USMC can finally step away from judging physical fitness based on a 3 mile run time and pull ups!

(Joking, this will never happen)

Definitely looks like something CT would be excellent at.

Would be interesting to see if a Mr. Paul Carter would partake as well (RIP).

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Still?! I know the Army made some improvements recently, if this 2019 article below is still accurate. A loaded carry (a locked and loaded carry?) seems like it should be mandatory.


The USMC is the first to go and the last to know! Give em an MRE spoon and an extra boot lace and watch them win ‘hearts and minds’.

Marines will eventually catch up, in the meantime - they will continue promoting the Forest Gumps just because they run good.

At least the Air Force isn’t doing their physical fitness tests on the recumbent bike anymore :joy:

Sorry for the derail. I think this should replace the Olympic Skiing + Shooting event tbh. Who ever skiis with a rifle these days?

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Did something happen to Paul, or is this a joke? I’m off all social media at this point so I’m completely clueless.

Paul went off the reservation on a few occasions with clients and former clients… having T-Nation’s name affiliated with his isn’t something that would be desireable, unfortunately. To my understanding, this is why he’s no longer around.

Still, I’m a PC fanboy - I just wouldn’t pay for his services, given his past interactions.

(I’m also off Social Media altogether, but i believe he’s still around - just in other formats than here)

James Bond bad guys?


Ah, gotcha. I couldn’t quite tell what you were getting at in that comment. I was around for the PC saga here a while back. That was a fun one.

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The tactical games has a Instagram training site. However, I cannot get it to post this morning.

Funniest community comment of the day!


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It’s up now:

I’ve been training with a veteran who’s trying to get back in to secure a military pension. The ACFT has changed. They eliminated the tuck, because too many people couldn’t do the minimum standard of one rep. They also changed the standards for women and added age groups. It’s not that rigorous. A below average CrossFitter like me can easily pass. At 62, I crush the 60+ standard and fail only the 2 mile run for 18-21. 2 questions: Why is it so easy? Why are people failing it when the test and standards are not secret?

Most branches of the military today are having a tougher time recruiting and a tougher time keeping people in. (In part because of forced vaccination.) I’m guessing they have to lower the standards because they need warm bodies, even out of shape ones.

I’ve offered advice to young people over the years about the join the service who were smart enough to prepare for boot camp and the fitness tests. But I guess the new recruits aren’t thinking ahead these days.

Found a fun sizzle real here:

Dat 2 of the Tactical Games in Oregon.