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CrossFit Failed, Built for Battle (JMaier31)



Yeah for no pukes!
Nice workout!
Did you really do the farmers walk OVER
the raquetball guy???
And enjoy the weather :roll_eyes:


I side stepped him but the end of the bar was over his air space. He was doing a hip/low back stretch with one leg across his body. There wasn’t much room to maneuver because of a bench for racquetball spectators.


Squat is good brother! We have very similar numbers. That 245x5 x3 is a 315 in the wings!



Woke at 234.6 lbs. It seems as though I’ve settled in to this weight.

Training @ 0520 GSS&S W4 D2

BW x 8 x 3 sets
I’m supposed to add weight and do sets of 5 but it was too early to figure out how to do that. I really don’t like squeezing a DB between my legs.

135 x 10
185 x 5 x 2
205 x 3
225 x 5 x 3 sets

135 x 5
175 x 5 x 3 sets

SEATED OHP (no back support)
115 x 5 x 3
Smooth as butter…almost easy.

25s x 10 x 3 sets

35 minutes


There are other places you could hold that 5lb DB…:flushed:

Dude your bench is stronger than mine…Ive got some work to do.


It’s supposed to be 300 lbs! Buuuut it’s probably more like 275. At least I hope I can still move 275.

I think you’ve got me on squats. My squat workouts all feel heavy. I don’t know how I can keep adding weight to the bar (or why body weight feels like it’s going to crush me) but I’ll keep grinding away and trust that it’ll move.



Woke at 232.2 lbs.

Today was a big day.

3 lap dynamic was up reaching close to top speed on my third build up run

Pogo hops x 20
High pogos x 20
Jump squat 2 x 5

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3
245 x 5 x 5 sets
Edit to add this: loaded 345 for a walk out and did a couple 1/4 squats. My body felt good and told me I could probably squat that weight. My brain knew better so I didn’t risk it.
All beltless and felt great. I was using a lot of quads today - - - I felt it.

135 x 3
185 x 5
205 x 3 hook grip
225 x 3 hook grip

315 x 5 x 5
All beltless and hook grip.

Final set. First time recording a lift since surgery and I strain something in the middle of my back. Not sure if it’s lat, trap, or erector. It’s not too bad but I’m a bit irritated about it.

40s x 5 ea x 5

205 x 5 x 5 various stances

FARMERS WALK (trap bar)
275 x 35m
275 x 25m x 4
275 x 35m
It turns out that I haven’t been going as far as I thought. I’ve been walking along the racquetball courts and it dawned on me that I could estimate distance by looking up their dimensions. They’re only 20’ wide and there’s four. It’s about 25m. I’m just going to go with it because turning or starting and stopping really sucks on these.

75 minutes of lifting with minimal rest. 60-90 seconds rest between sets and 2-3 minutes between exercises. This is just a beast of a session…which is why I wear a shirt with The Punisher skull. It’s appropriate.

Run 1 lap, rest 90 sec x 3 (62, 58, 58)


Looks like a punishing work out! Bet it felt great!
Didn’t realize you were so tall!!!
Hope the doms are ok tomorrow😝


Monster workout Big J
Nice and fast DL’ing


I’m glad this only happens once a week. It doesn’t feel too bad but it definitely takes a while to get it all done. After deadlifts I feel like I’m about done and then I realize I have 15 sets left…

DOMs should be good. I’ll be tender but I don’t anticipate being crippled.

I’m 6’5" and mostly legs!

Thanks, Mort! It feels good. I could definitely do more weight but I’ll get there soon enough. If I stick to the plan then I’ll still be pulling 400-450 lbs during my last few weeks. The reps will be 5/4/3/2/1. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do 10 or 20 pound jumps between sets though. I think I’ll be doing 375 for 3 x 3 in five weeks. When I start the final phase I’m supposed to use that weight for my set of three.

I could be doing 355x5, 365x4, 375x3, 385x2, 395x1 or 335x5, 355x4, 375x3, 395x2, 415 x 1. If I do 10 lb jumps then I’ll finish the final week pulling 415 for 1 but if I do 20 lb jumps then I’ll be pulling 435. I kind of like the idea of 20 lb jumps.

I could make a bigger jump somewhere along the way too. I’d like to be pulling at least 450 when this program finishes.

EDIT: As I read what I wrote I realize that I’d love to pull 405 for triples. I might make 20 lbs jumps during this phase to get me closer to that.


I’ve been looking at the program and thinking about doing it at some point.

But if I should do the 3x3 as the third set I think I would struggle at the 1 repper. So I would dial it back a bit.

Looking forward to your review of the program


Unreal how fast you are coming back!

Glad to know you are tall. I’m 6’4" leverages are not our friend…

Can’t wait to see where this ends up man



Woke at 233.6 lbs.

@littlelee, you were correct about the DOMs but it’s all in my back! I don’t even want to move. I think it’s from the farmers walk with the trap bar. I went from carrying 160 lbs in DBs to 275 lbs real quick. The middle third of my back is brutal (also where I strained it during deads). My traps are very tender too.

I won’t be making it to the foam rolling class today. Hopefully I’ll force myself to flop around on the floor with my roller at some point today. My son seems to be sick. He’s very congested so I’m keeping him away from the germ filled Kid Zone at the Y and taking him to the doctor.

It doesn’t seem like it’s fast. I guess I’m in week 5 of regular lifting and 4 months post-op. It’s not my first rodeo with an injury, surgery, and comeback so this all seems pretty normal. I started this program to help me stay safe. I’m itching to pull 4 plates. I thought about it during my workout yesterday. This program has a smart progression and I’m get to my desired numbers by the end. In the meantime I’m forced to lift conservatively.which will hopefully allow me to stay healthy.

Thanks for the constant support and encouragement!

I’m really enjoying the “adult” group of people we have in here. Don’t get me wrong, I love being an example for younger people and interacting with them, but I definitely relate more to people with full-time jobs, a wife, and kids.

I know I’m the baby of that sub-group (33 now), so I intend to beat all of your numbers!

My goals for this program are…

Squat - 335 is programmed but 350 would be nice

Deadlift - back to 450

Power Clean - 285-300

Bench - 275 is programmed but I’d like 290

OHP - 165 is programmed but I’d like to be closer to 185

Hopefully I’m close on these because once I finish this up I’m planning to run “The CrossFit Experiment” for the remainder of the summer break.


Glad to hear that you will be taking a break from the heavy work. That will allow me to catch you in some and run off and leave you in other areas. Amazing how close our numbers are given your training experience, and our similar builds/ body type.

Yes, adult peers are nice. Yesterday the kid that started lifting with us was just plain goofy in the gym. He misloaded a bench set for my son putting on a 10 and a 5 instead of a 5 and a 2.5. He wandered aimlessly between sets just lifting what ever. He didn’t finish the prescribed work. He wouldn’t help load, unloaad, or pick up weights. Very frustrating. I was glad to help him learn, but im not in the gym to baby sit. My son said dad this guy is about done with us right?


Lol! That’s where you say, “Son, he’s your peer so it’s up to you to teach him proper weight room etiquette.”

Sounds like you’re not working him hard enough if he has all this energy to do mindless work. :wink:

Put him on the squat program!


Sorry if I jinxed you…rolling out back doms is the worst!!!


Woke at 234.6 lbs. I decided to do an unofficial check-in and took some measurements. They’re unofficial because they weren’t fasted (my weight was). Last measurements were taken 3.18.18.

Weight: 234.6 (+10.0)
Neck: 43cm (no change)
Shoulder Width: 134.5cm (+2.5 but reliability is questionable)
Chest: 114.5cm (+3.5)
Abdomen: 94cm (+2.0)
Waist: 93cm (+1.0)
Hips: 109.5cm (+4.0)

I measure in cm because it’s a smaller increment. When I started tracking I thought it would allow me to be more accurate. I round things and 0.5 cm is probably more accurate than going to 0.25 inches.

I’m waiting till June 1st to bust out the underwear pics.


You have a point about the cm I may need to switch. Measurements are marginally reliable at best but will show you trends through time. I’m just a data junkie and have been tracking all this weight/ measurment for almost a year now. I’ll post yearly totals soon.

It is hard for me to believe that a year ago I was 275lbs and 35ish% bf.


Holy cow! That’s some impressive work.


I got pics to prove it. I’ll post up when I hit a year…