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Crossfit Discussion / Q&A


Yes. The performance track will get you there and so will the Competition track. Recommend spending 6-12 months on Performance before flirting with Competition as the volume is way higher and not meant for people who are new to crossfit, even ones that aren’t new to lifting.


I’m not trying to dissuade any of the discussion here, but have you ever looked at @Alpha’s programming? He can tailor to your specific goals.


I looked at his free Dark Horse program but I’ll probably end up doing my own thing or joining a local CrossFit gym and going all in for awhile. The gym I’m looking at has some cool equipment I don’t have so it could be a fun change.


I hear you! I love trying new stuff. SSB is my favorite


We’ve got a Crossfit gym that’s like 5 minutes away that I’m looking hard at. I’ve got the whole home gym setup, though. It’s hard to justify $150/month when I have almost all of the same equipment.

Plus, don’t hate me (is this the flame-free thread) Alpha’s gym is like 5 minutes away too…


Then it’s time we see you in the background in some YouTube videos. Go get it!


One of these days…


I hear you. It looks like he does drop-in fees though. It would be cool to go a time or two and try out some of the things you don’t normally get your hands on, like the stones.


Ya, definitely. He has an open-gym on Saturday’s. I think that’s about the only time that would potentially work for me, but even my Saturday’s are pretty busy.


I don’t think our monthly rates are that high but they’ll be close to $100. I have a home gym and still go to the YMCA. I just can’t be the indoor track and other toys. If I lift at home then I do absolutely zero cardio/conditioning.

It’s also nice to have a 1-2 hour break from my kids. I get some me time and they get to play with other kids in the Kid Zone. It’s good for all of us to get out of the house.

The CrossFit gym closest to my house has yokes, sandbags, and actual farmers walk handles. I’d love to use those for some MetCon.


I completely get that. I’ve thought about joining the local YMCA for the pool, BBall court, etc…



The choice is clear.


Kids definitely do that


In case anyone was wondering about kipping/butterfly pull ups and back development…80-90% of my pull up volume is butterfly, I deadlift over 225 roughly once every 6 months when it comes up in a workout (never in strength work anymore, I’m “strong enough” on that movement), and I do 3 sets of dumbbell rows/week.


I think I’ve finally figured out that kipping and butterfly pull ups aren’t cheat pull ups. They’re different skills altogether.

I’ve also started my trial run with CrossFit and it’s kicking my ass. I started following Invictus’s workouts this week. The thing that’s irritating with today’s CrossFit programming is all the skill work (because I suck at it). I’m doing this to bring up my conditioning; I don’t really care about walking on my hands or handstand push ups but it seems about 20% of the workouts have those movements in them. My ego is in the way as I feel like I’d look ridiculous trying to do that crap at the gym. I’m 6’5" and 240+ right now. That’s a big fall when I go down :laughing:


If anyone is interested, you can do a bracket for the 2018 Crossfit games on Reebok’s site for a chance to win $2M or other prizes.