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Crossfit Anyone?


Anybody here a fan of crossfit?


I'm a semi-fan of their video exercise library. I say 'semi' because I think it could be done better.



I've never seen their exercise library, but the one on bodybuilding.com helped me out a lot. Of course, were T-Nation to add one, there'd be a flame-fest from the anti-T1500 crowd about the place being "too n3wb friendly," or some such shit.


When I get close to a fight, I stop lifting, and do workouts very similar to crossfit style ones.

They are great for conditioning, strength endurance work and maybe cardio, but not so great for building strength. I can maintain strength this way though.


I actually think the crossfit total - the press, squat and deadlift - is a better total than powerlifting's 3.


Yeah, the CFT is my favorite aspect of their program. I like throwing in the workouts occasionally for conditioning, but to use it as your sole training modality is not the best idea, IMO.


I agree. I couldn't see doing it all the time. If you need more metabolic conditioning then that type of workout is great though.


Not a bad program, just depends on ones goals.


Crossfit's whole parkour introduction thing is pretty good. I don't think they have any delusions that their program hurts an athelete who wants to specialized.

Their principles are pretty solid and I applaud them recommending the 40/40/20 diet. I wish they had some workouts on their site that lasted longer than 15 minutes.