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Crossfit and Steroids

I am 38 yrs old, 6’1", 250lbs at probably 20-25% body fat. I am doing quite a bit of crossfit on a regular basis while also incorporating a lot of compound/olympic movements (heavy). I would like to go on a cycle that would allow me to maintain or gain good lean muscle, and lose some fat at the same time OR go on a short mass cycle and cutting cycle afterwards. only thing is that I have not been able to find anything that would cater to the crossfit experience…endurance and anabolics.

I have considered equipose but it worries me because of the increase in appetite. Diet/discipline is always a challenge since I am a chef. And the winny worries me due to joint pain since I have enough of that already (im sure I can live through it though. I can certainly go off the crossfit, and maintain heavy movements while adding more cardio, but id prefer to see how my times can improve with CF.

I am also open to changing my routine to better suit the supplements. I rarely get the opportunity to do this, so I want to do it right. I have done two other cycles in the last ten years.

Here is a stack that I found and am considering:

test prop- 11 weeks (100mg eod)
equipoise- 9 weeks (600mg per week)
proviron- 11 weeks
and the question is would i get more from adding winstrol from 6 to 11???

Can anyone suggest some options for so I can achieve my goals? Keep in mind, I can’t afford more than $400 right now…if I have to wait, I will.

Id really appreciate some input.



Not commenting on the cycle contents but on cross fit and AS.

You will not be able to perform, there will be so much blood in your calves/shins etc during exercise that running any significant distance at any speed will be impossible.

Read the steroid newbie thread, the AI/serm sticky, do an article search on here and read ‘steroids for dummies’ and the steroid manifesto parts 1 and 2. Then go to meso-rx and read the steroid profiles on there and the articles by Bill Roberts.

Also visit the over 35’s forum and read there stuff, especially on HRT.
If you are 25% body fat your diet is probably pretty shite, just by overhauling your diet and making serious improvements you will notice dramatic body composition improvements. As a chef your alcohol consumption is probably quite high too, but on the flip side you probably have access to tons of vegetables and meat, turn this to your advantage.

Please bear in mind with the dietary advice on this website you will see results, and be able to save your $400
But… as you have already done two cycles, you will probably do more anyway, so just to throw my 2 cents in… you have not mentioned E control or pct, how will you control Estrogen related side effects and how will you recover your body’s natural testosterone production after? As Prisoner has said many times on this site, its your diet and training that determines your body composition rather than your choice of steroids.

To summarize, I can attest as someone who always struggled with dietary self discipline that eating to many bad calories will just leave you chasing your tail in the gym (at least as far as body fat is concerned) if your fat, steroids will just make you a bulkier fat man, even if you do lose some fat on a cycle with a poor diet (which you will to be honest, at least I have done) your poor eating habits will catch up with you post cycle and you’ll be back to square one in no time. I’m 6.1 foot too, what you will find is when you are slimmed down is that your not as ‘big’ as you thought, my advice would be to implement slowly and surly a healthy diet, and once your healthier and leaner re evaluate your options.

As far a diet goes I don’t think there are any short cuts, certainly not safe ones or desirable ones at least for the long term, good luck, happy reading and have a happy new year!

Appreciate that…makes good sense so far…

I think low dose test would be fine for your goals. If your diet is good enough to lose fat the low dose of test, around 300mg/wk, would be plenty to hold onto muscle mass. Of course you’ll use proper ancillaries and do PCT.

I can not comment on whether you will be able to do crossfit stuff though. Past experience is valuable in this area because everyone reacts differently. Personally speaking, dbol affects me much worse than testosterone does in the calf/back pump department. 500mg of T is more comfortable than 700+mg in that regard also.

Do not attempt to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Pick one goal. If you happen to gain some muscle while you drop fat mass that’s great but actively trying to accomplish both is not the best idea.

Yeah, I hear you…

I have found that with crossfit, I have gained fantastic and more balanced strength in my legs and back. My form/ xecution has improved greatly with most of my olympic lifts. But my arms and chest have suffered. Genetically, i don’t think i have the great disposition for the endurance WODs, so I find I have been lagging with my success rate concerning the WOD’s. I am slowly realizing that i should get back into a BB format while incorporating WOD’s a couple of days a week. A couple of weeks into a new routine and I’d be willing to do a bulking cycle of sorts. Then cut later.

There is also a black box option with crossfit where every second day on a three day cycle the WOD is replaced with a heavy day… Anyone have success with this?

I would say that the best thing you could concentrate on right now is getting your diet in check and trying to hit 15% BF and maintain that for a while. Then if you need some extra kick you could try some AAS. You may find that the joint pain you have now will subside/disappear once your diet is in check and you’ve lost some weight, especially for your sort of job where you’re on your feet a lot.

Crossfit is good fun but 20-25% BF is he first thing you need to tackle and that basicaly comes down to a few things such as will power, learnign about nutrition and so on and none of those will be aided by AAS.

Good luck, I think you’ll be more than surprised what some healthy eating and a good exercise program will achieve :wink:

cheers ozzy, understood. Diet has always been an issue for me. When I started Crossfit, I was losing weight like a madman, then it sort of plateau’d from there. Started the zone diet, and gained weight. Haven’t been able to lose it since. Seriously, last summer I was biking, running, Crossfitting, and a bigger piece of shit now then ever!! Im fat, but im soft, and im not used to that!!

Another one of my vice’s is that with two kids in the house, it is really hard to not dabble in the sweets, desserts, snacks… I even have to stop myself from finishing what the kids don’t eat!