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Crossfit and Neurotype

Hi CT, i bought your neurotype test and i discover which neurotype i was ; Type B.

I really like explosive lift and high intensity, i started crossfit few months ago. I start with 2x a week crossfit courses mixed with 2 gym. So 1 day crossfit, day off, gym, day off, crossfit etc… I recover well from it.

Now im doing only crossfit, so 1 day of crossfit, 1 off…etc and i feel like crap, my mood is bad and libido went down. always feel tired. I don’t what happen because i use to take 1 day off after every crossfit workout to avoid this kind of thing to happen.

Do you have an idea of what happening ?

thank you

And the strange thing that i forgot to say is that i sleep really well but i still feel tired and no energy

What were you doing on your gym days? Sounds like it was less demanding than the CrossFit workouts.

So you do 3 sessions per week? That’s not that much. How are the sessions? Maybe you’re going too hard on the intensity! Personally I don’t go balls to the walls that often, I go very hard but still keep a little something

Think that you mean that you’re a type 1B (you forgot to type in a number).

As a 2A I started doing CrossFit last August, and pretty much started with 6 days a week. But I felt like I could not recover from a session, especially from a couple of consecutive sessions. Even after when I downgraded to three, two or just session a week I was totaly wrecked. Felt burned out and my joints were aching everywhere.

How I fixed it was to stop doing intermittend fasting, so I have a shake and some nuts in the morning and some added tyosine. Plus, changed my diet to include more animal protein. This is good for all the muscle, but also all collagen repairs in the body. Now I’m doing some heavy lifting, even twice a day for four days a week and one CrossFit session. The other days I use for stretching and relaxing.

CrossFit is a pretty catabolic thing to do, with lost of adrenaline and cortisol releasing. So you have to make sure you recover from your session(s). Otherwise it goes downhill pretty quickly, and the recovery pretty slow. Look up Christians’s video on nervous system recovery, guess it was on his Facebook or Instagram a week back or so. :wink:

Yep I attest. I started Crossfit 5 months ago (I’m a 2A). I do 2-3 sessions a week and 3 lifting sessions with CT. It took me easily 2-3 months to become acclimated to this kind of training. It’s easy to give 100% because of the competitive environnment, guys screaming/cheering at you but you should do it rarely.

Absolutely! A WOD each session is like top-performing each time with exercises that are different. It’s unrealistic! So with it I learned to 1) build up gradually and 2) do your own pace. Ego’s in the trashcan!

Its really really hard to don’t go ball out when you see people going faster and you want to beat them ! I take 1 day off after each crossfit session so one week i workout 4 times and the second one 3.

I will increase calories and see what happen

That is textbook reversed cortisol circadian rhythm.

See, cortisol should spike in the morning (it’s actually what wakes you up when you wake up on your own). Cortisol spikes in the morning which increases the conversion of noradrenaline into adrenaline, giving you energy and drive for day.

Cortisol should be low in the evening/night (and moderate throughout the day). If you produce too much cortisol during the day, or even worse keep it elevate in the evening/night, for a while you run the risk of inverting your circadian rhythm so that cortisol is now high in the later part of the day and high in the evening, therefore it cannot be high in the morning.

I’m guessing that you will take a lot of coffee in the earlier part of the day. Caffeine will increase cortisol and the conversion of noradrenaline to adrenaline which will give you energy. But it’s a crutch for inverted circadian rhythm.

Crossfit is one of the types of training that increase cortisol the most.

First because cortisol’s main function when training is to mobilize energy. The more energy you need, the more cortisol you release. In crossfit, because of the high volume you do need to mobilize a ton of fuel, thus you spike cortisol a lot.

Second because you spike adrenaline during your workout because of the fast pace. This requirement for adrenaline makes you produce more cortisol so that you can convert more noradrenaline into adrenaline.


Because if you train in the afternoon or (even worse) evening, then you are getting a huge cortisol spike when you need cortisol to go down.

Im training at 10 am or 4:45 pm depending of my work shift ! And i dont drink any cafeine during the day !

Do you notice if you feel worse when you train at 4:45? And with your shifts, do you always go to sleep around the same time or does it changes dramatically?

Yes if i work 8 hours during the day and i have to train after work i hate that i feel tired and unmotivated to push my body hard ! And yes my sleep schedule change dramatically