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Crossfit and Ju-Jitsu


So here is the scenario I am in. Due to changes in my work schedule to working overnights, my work schedule will conflict with the class schedule they have at the MMA gym I have been going to the past year. The only gym that correlates well with my current work schedule is a crossfit gym downtown which is only a short train ride for me.

I recently froze my membership, I asked the owner of the MMA gym about my options, and it looks like it will be much cheaper to finish out my contract with my old MMA gym than to cancel mid contract.

The only class my MMA gym offers that does not conflict with my work schedule is Ju-jitsu. However, due to my work schedule I could only attend this class one day a week, while I can go to this Crossfit gym several times a week.

So my question, what will be the effect and any advice for doing Ju-Jitsu once a week and crossfit 2-3 days a week.

My understanding is while I may not improve much in Ju-jitsu, what should do to avoid injury and overtraining, I want to stay in shape, general shape, and I think doing only ju-jitsu once a week and nothing else will accomplish this.



P.S. This will be only for the next 6 months for I will be relocating to a new city and be back to a normal day schedule once I move to Atlanta.


What are your goals? If you want to get better at BJJ but can only attend one class a week, you can always ask others who train there if they can train during the times you are free to train. You don’t only have to practice BJJ during regular class hours. If the instructor is good maybe you can schedule privates.


Just do it and see how you like it. Jiu Jitsu is a great workout and you can absolutely still learn new stuff only going once per week. It isn’t ideal, but it will absolutely be a good use of your time. You’ll either like it and stick with it or not. No big deal either way.


What is the “normal day schedule” you’ll be returning to in six months? What will be your training priority then?


I would definitely see if there are any no scheduled open mats where you could stop in and roll. One day a week is better than no days a week.


Thanks guys for all the feedback the normal schedule I went back to is working days. The last time I wrote to you guys I was working the graveyard shift, yes I know.


any way thanks for your help and feedback.