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Crossfit Advice, Considering Going for It

Hello all! I have a question that might come out kind of confusing and I also did not know where to put it so I chose CT coaching. Simply put I am wanting to try crossfit. I am just a little confused on how to do so. I have a good training background and have played sports my entire life. I got pretty lazy last year and did not train any, but have been hitting the gym hard for quite a few months. I have always focused on my strength and have pretty solid numbers on things such as front squat, back squat, bench, and deadlift.

I also have pretty good cardiovascular endurance even though I have not been putting much work into that category lately. I just want to try crossfit because it is a new challenge. Its appealing because of the difficulty and training style. I just do not know where to look to start. I know a crossfit membership would not do much for me at my fitness level already and I also do not want to do the normal WODs as they are not the style of crossfit I want to do. I am trying to find somewhere that has WODs like someone such as Rich Froning or Jared Stevens would do or a similar program to get on.

I would like to do strength based crossfit where I can work on all of the above lifts and continue to improve on them, while learning the snatch and clean and jerk and getting good at those as well. I also want to do workouts that have the high crossfit intensity and learn things like the handstand pushups and handstand walks. Sorry at how thrown together this is, but I just need a point in the right direction as I am totally new to this. Thanks!

Dude the best way to get better at crossfit is to do crossfit. Join a box.

you have never done crossfit before, but you wanna train like Froning. Thats like saying you have never lifted but wanna train like Arnold. Join a Crossfit box amd do it for 3 months- I guarantee you you will be surprised and your ego might hurt a little. Ive been doing crossfit for 3 years and I have known many people, runners, lifters, martial artists or pure average joes. Crossfit combines so many elements, that its bound to expose your weakness.

Is there a reason you haven’t already joined a crossfit gym? That’s what I would do if I wanted to learn crossfit.


Um. Go to a box. A lot of boxes will have “speciality” classes that focus on different aspects of Crossfit other than just the WOD of the day, i.e. strength/skill movements. There are also programs online that you can google to supplement and improve Crossfit training.

But seriously, if you can’t do a lot of the Crossfit skills (Oly lifts, handstand work, etc.) yet, then you really should go to a box for a while and train there.

Also, Froning has a “What does Rich do” program (or something like that) where you can see what he does every day and follow his routine. It’s like on his instagram or something. But that would be useless to you until you learn the Oly lifts, handstand work, and whatever else is holding you back.