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Crossfft with Westside Barbell Program



I LOVE the 2 programs.

But they are SO completely opposite I can't see how
the 2 could possibly be combined.

Crossfit - HIGH REPS, Endurance, Time, etc

Westside - Pure Powerlifting

I've search through and through... emailed Powerlifters
and Crossfiters and have found no program where the 2
can be utilized together.

Does anyone have any exprnce. with combining the 2?

Seems to me it would be the ideal program... Functional
Power with a Massive Body :slightly_smiling:

Thanks guys & gals,

MKE Lifter


In for the ensuing flame war.

Do Westside and pick a Crossfit WOD to do for your conditioning work on off days that doesn't impede your results with Westside perhaps?


That is way too logical...





When I say Functional Power... I'm referring to powerlifting
and NOT bodybuilding. That's all.


After seeing the Westside and Crossfit "relationship" online... I wanted
to ask people who may have took part in both. If that brings on "flame"
comments so be it... not gonna phase me in the least.

Your theory on doing CF on off days is very interesting.

Just seems that CF may be too taxing on the body during off days... not allowing
full recovery. But something worth testing IMO.

Thank you.


Hence why I suggested finding a WOD that taxes your cardiovascular system and not muscle recovery. In my opinion, you're not really doing "Crossfit" unless it's your sole focus when it comes to training, same goes for a program such as Westside or 5/3/1. You're simply going to be dabbling in both, and not achieving the full potential you could from focusing on one. Your idea of Crossfit being too taxing is because Crossfit is the antithesis of intelligent programming. You're going to failure with everything you do or racing against a clock while sacrificing form. Some things can be taken from that style of training and be used positively to enhance your level of fitness, but in no way should it affect your primary goal, which I assume is getting stronger since you're posting in the "Powerlifting" sub-forum.

I stick by initial recommendation of following the Westside program and using a barbell complex (essentially crossfit at it's core) as your conditioning work.


Since Crossfit is good, and West Side is good ... doing them both together = more good.


You're going to have to choose to emphasize one over the other for at least a few weeks, than focus on the other. Otherwise, you're just going to suck at both.


LOL, have you emailed louis simmons, cause I would love to hear his reply.

If your mainly interested in strength why not just do westside and do normal conditioning on the off days, hill sprints, sled work whatever.

Or go kip your heart out.


Just do both, everyday. Do the WOD, DE Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, ME Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, and all RE work every single day. That way you'll be the best at everything. And eat paleo so you'll be ripped too.


This was actually going to be my advice as well, although without the sarcasm. Simmons has a certification in CF and runs Westside, so even though it's initial intent was to be snide, it might be the best piece of advice you come across in this thread.


No carb paleo with lots of fat burners of course, right?


Just a gram of caffeine pre, post, and during workouts. So thats 3 grams a day. Thats about a gram over toxic levels for most humans. It wouldnt matter, you'd be too ripped, strong, and FIT for anything to kill you. You could probably just go to the NFL after you did this for a month.


In all seriousness, there is a crossfit powerlifting certification, which is pretty much the only part of their whole organization that makes any sense. More absolute strength=the ability to perform more work. Louie teaches that cert. course if I am not mistaken.


I'm not going to get into my opinion of crossfit, but if you do both you're going to suck at both. Pick one that best suits our goals. Not saying you shouldn't condition when powerlifting, but it's conditioning like running hills and pushing prowlers, not hanging airhumps and kettlebell swings.




Def. going to choose 1 and go for that... appreciate the
true replies and advice.

  • MKELifter