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Crossbows For Deer Hunting

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Yeah for garden defense. Well, last fall I went on a hunting trip and brought home a respectable mature buck. As I was skinning the wife walks over to the fal garden and says, “Look, deer tracks in the garden.” And then I realize as I gaze over that they ate all the broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, beans, etc. that we had growing. Yep, while I was deer hunting 1.5 hours from home those bastards were raiding my garden!!![/quote]

Ha ! That’s funny.

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A “tactical” crossbow?

If you bring that to a gunfight you need plenty of “tactical” because strategically speaking, that was a bad move. [/quote]

Did you not watch the video? This thing is absolutely lethal against all types of household objects. Light bulbs, wine glasses (4 in a row!), it utterly destroys that can of shaving cream at around 4:05, and all in sweet, dramatic slo-mo.

I have not doubt you could assault all kinds of things with that machine.

Throwing in my $.02. I’m not very good with a compound bow and have been shopping for a crossbow for a while (money’s been more of an issue than finding what I want), and I’ve learned a few things. Anything over 300 feet per second is more than adequate to put a bolt through a deer. Faster will shoot flatter, but with adequate target practice you should be able to estimate the range of the area around your stand and hit anything within 40 yards. There just isn’t any reason to spend a few hundred more dollars to get the latest and greatest because it’s 20 feet per second faster.

Balance is important and a lot of crossbows are very front heavy. I love the Parker Tornado. That sucker is just sweet to hold. The only thing I don’t like about the Tornado is it’s a compound, which means I’ll be dependent on someone else to do the maintenance on my bow. A friend of mine strongly recommends the Excalibur. It’s light, shoots fast, and he can change the strings in the field, something you can’t do with a compound.