Cross Training

Martials Arts, Stunting, and hardcore PT (Physical training) are all things that I am involved in. I am in search of a great cross training program that maximizes strength and endurance. As far as goals I’d like to be able to do a 7 min run in 50 min or less, do an endless amount of pull ups and or chin ups, and do push ups until you get bored of watching. I am half way on most of these objectives, however, I need some help. Any suggestions?

If you’re already half-way, and you’re at a sticking point, you might want to consider a good training partner.

A good training partner will push you to be better and will bring out the innate competetive spirit.

You could also hire a GOOD personal trainer.

I’m with Zep on the training partner.
I’m at a point where having a training partner and reliable spotter are much missed.
I came home last night and remarked to the misses that I missed my old training partner. She was an all american field hockey played and loved to hit the weights and track.

Sounds to me like your not that interested in strength training. Your goals are all endurance based with maybe the exception of pullups.

For the running, just use a tough, solid program over varied terrain for a few months.

How many pushups and pullups can you do right now? Mix up the routine, using weight sometimes and wider/narrower grip other times. This has helped me blast by my plateau.

I can get back to you later on the training.