Cross Fit?

Anyone tried out or has any experience with the cross fit method?

I did it for three months. Many of CrossFit’s workouts will make you cough up a lung better than anything else out there.

I went into CrossFit with decent endurance and poor strength, and came out with very good endurance and only slightly improved strength. The program’s effects on strength-endurance (especially lower-body strength-endurance), anaerobic capacity, and aerobic capacity are really impressive. I did not experience any dramatic strength increase on CrossFit. Your mileage may vary, though - I believe that one ex-PLer said he got a 300-pound Clean and Jerk and an Iron Cross just by doing the Workout of the Day for a year or two. He also does an ungodly number of pull-ups.

The guys at Cross Fit North in Seattle are really nice. They’re also RKC’s and Olympic lifting coaches.

Well, they are different, I will give them that.

I just checked out their training methodologies and while I am sure you can get a good cardio workout from their daily plan, it also looks like a good way to burn out. How, or better yet, why would anyone attempt train in such a fashion on a daily basis over a prolonged period of time?

Also, in my opinion, anyone who is interested in building serious muscle cannot do it on the Cross Fit program. I understand that everyones matabolism is different, however, If I adhered to their principals for 6 weeks I would probably lose several pounds of hard earned muscle.

On a positive note, if you are looking for a way to trim down without doing to much running I highly recommend their program. However, I wouldn’t do it every day as it could lead to burn out. Also, based upon the sessions that I reviewed perhaps injury as well. I am not an advocate of pounding the same muscle group with weights on a daily basis.