Crooked Girl, Crooked Problems

OKAY sensitive subject approaching !

I am crooked as hell, and it’s ruining my mind…
I don’t know if you can see the extent of it from this picture, but to me this feels straight and clearly it is not.
Also, my right tricep is about half the size of my left, I think the photo sort of shows that as well…

In the back of my mind I wonder how the hell I could ever do a figure show if I can’t even do a pull up without being totally crooked, let alone pose properly.

Do other people here deal with this sort of thing, and has anything helped?
Should I eliminate the stuff that I can’t do straightly ?
IE: Bent over rows, pull ups, dips to name a few.

I find it very frustrating to put so much into the gym and my diet only to end up feeling lopsided and monstrous(LOL). It makes me sad is all…
I went to a massage therapist and she taught me some stretches and showed me some trigger points, but I can’t really afford to see her very often.

Just looking for some advice/input here, it would be much appreciated, thanks!!

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I understand how this issue can loom large in your mind, but trust that to an outside observer it is not nearly as obvious. You look great. Try not to get too down on yourself.

As for addressing the asymmetry, look into the Postural Restoration Institute and consider finding a PRI certified physical therapist or athletic trainer. PRI has an appreciation for and understanding of human asymmetry that it is nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

You don’t look “crooked”, as in bad posture in this photo. It looks like the muscle asymmetry causes you to appear crooked. The spine itself looks arrow straight; your hips (the best I can tell) look level; and I think your shoulders look level. But your left deltoid is quite a bit larger than the right, as well as the tricep, and I think even bicep, which makes that shoulder appear higher. Are you left handed? Have you had any sort of neurological injury that would affect your right arm? Any neck injury?

your left side is more developed than right. just do some dumbbell work youll be good

The lighting does you no favours. I don’t think it is that bad, I reckon your lats are they only thing that may cause issues (without seeing legs).

Switching to a row machine with independent arms or DB rows and ensuring the scaplular is retracting properly should sort things out.

Oh my god I had no idea this thread was moved to here, LOL!! THanks for the advice guys !!

oh ya and I wanted to respond to this!! It’s weird actually from the front my right deltoid looks twice the size of my left, but from the back my rear delt looks bigger and my lat is wider on the left and smaller on the right >>>>>>>!!! WTF, and my right tricep is way smaller than the left.
Maybe not very noticeable to most, but huge to me :sadpanda:

I can’t do pull ups straight or latpull downs or bent over rows.
I did basically all single arm DB work today so that made me feel accomplished

Professional opinion… there is a bunch going on that you didn’t see yet and points to an issue you want to tackle for long term performance and injury prevention.

Here is a breakdown from what you said:
R Lat deficient
R Rear Delt deficient
R Tricep deficient
R Biceps deficient
Can’t pull straight in any direction

From what I can see, despite poor lighting and camera angle, I agree and will throw in a couple more items:
No R Biceps peak - poor contraction
Poor R Lat contraction
R Trap less developed
(See Picture)

Right now I can see your posture is okay but there is imbalance that WILL lead to issues with posture as well as impending rotator cuff issues are possible.

Now, all this being said, these are static images. Video would say a million times more, but your description of your lifts is pretty obvious. There are a few things I’d suggest and I think everyone would learn from here:

  1. Have someone shoot you in an even light and put you directly in the center of the picture.
  2. Have a friend video you walking at “normal” pace (if your fast - go fast) from straight on from the front and back - put it up on youtube and link it
  3. Have a friend video you doing your lifts from the side and directly in front and behind (a few reps). I suggest pulling movements, body weight squat, standing twist, toe touch, and back bend - put it up on youtube and link it

I can’t and won’t diagnose over a forum, but I can give you a really good idea of what is going on from a performance aspect then recommend where you will get the most effective and efficient fix for your problem.

But the discussion here will be able to help everybody understand similar symmetry issues. Thanks for letting me help you!


oh my goodness, thanks for taking the time to chime in on my problem! I had a feeling it was more than everyone was making it out to be. Unfortunately, the main problem with most of your requests is implying that I have friends, LOL.
My son took a back photo of me in the kitchen last week and I am not sure if it will be any more helpful, or if you can see any minor improvement, but otherwise I’ll have to wait until he gets home from daddy weekend before I can film anything else. Or I can make some more attempts to do it myself.
Please offer any advice or suggestions you may have as this is very upsetting to me.

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Much better photo. But confirms that everything Right sided has a poor contraction in the arm as well as scapular muscles. The reason the right delt looks huge is because your humerus is sitting high in the joint because your lat isn’t holding it down in the joint. However, good news, it looks like spinal muscles and QL’s look great! So, at least from what the photo shows (video would be great), here are some questions?

  1. What kind of injuries have you had over your lifetime? Car accidents, falls, sport injuries, concussions, surgeries, etc.
  2. What other symptoms do you get - if any? Headaches, neck pain, low back pain, numbness/tingling, etc.

I think the best news is that this looks like it has been recent occurrence. You have muscle development so that means you had good nerve innervation during most of your training. But it means that you have incurred an injury or been ignoring some signs or symptoms for some time now. But the fact you have muscle means that once the driver of the problem is eliminated, your will likely “pop” back quickly. It pays to have been an athlete!

Shoot us some video when its possible, but answer the questions and then I’ll shoot you some drills you can do (and everyone can play with) and see if you can change your performance.

Its also prudent to get someone’s hands on your neck to figure out if you are having nerve adhesions that are in the way of proper functioning. If you can give me your zip code or nearby landmark, I can search for qualified therapists in your area - at least who I would have my athletes go see when they can’t see me! :).

  • Doc

Thanks again for taking the time to help me, I really appreciate it!!

To answer your questions, no, I haven’t had any accidents or injury’s in my life time.
I’ve never even had to take time off from lifting for any reason really.
I literally work out 365 days a year…

I never played sports as a child, Barbies were more my speed, heh. Same with when I was a teenager, so I can’t really think of a time in my life when this may have originated.

I don’t get any other symptoms either.
I have been seeing a really good massage therapist and she seems to help with a lot of my trigger points. Yesterday she spent about 40 minutes just working on my right bicep/tricep, so I am hoping that makes a difference.
I also started going to a highly recommended chiropractor and he was actually quite perplexed about all of my imbalances.
I live in Canada though so I am not sure if you know anybody from my neck of the woods, LOL!

Okay so not to be too obsessive (LOL! ME NOT BEING OBSESSIVE YA RIGHT)
But this is my most recent pic from today after yesterday’s massage.
I dunno if I am just grasping at straws here but I really see some improvements in my bicep/tricep area especially.
What does everyone think.
Oh please jeebus tell me I’m making progress.

Not obsessive, I’d want this gone too1

Lighting is terrible so it obscures some things. But you can definitely still see that soft right lat. And, it may be as simple as that, you have poor ability to contract these muscles in a static pose, which is why motion is so helpful to see this stuff. However, if its just poor contraction, massage can help a lot. Proper training and better kinesthetic awareness (body sense) will go a long way to helping you. Especially since you said you were not very athletic prior to adulthood. It really could be just underdeveloped muscular patterns which is a training issue!

However, seeing someone who truly understands performance is the best bet. No knowing where you are regionaly, except for Alberta, here are two lists that I go to for practitioners in your area. Give me more specific location and I can tell you if I know a person in your area personally.

ART Practitioners - I know many in your region!

Trainers who can correct movement and neurological performance issues:

Sean Lam
EDMONTON, AB T6A 0W8, Canada
Phone: 7802357326
Email: moc.bomtnioj@naes

Gloria Johnson
Clairmont, AB T0H0W0, Canada
Phone: 7805672193
Email: ac.scimanydlacisyhp@airolg

Get those videos so everyone can see these issues and how you go about correcting them!