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Crooked Bar in the Deadlift, How to Fix it?

This is what I’m talking about (random internet photo)

I live in Brazil and train in a neighborhood gym quite reasonable, but that’s what I have available and unfortunately this happens with all the bars and clips I tested there, I already tried to put the clip on the opposite side, put 2 on each side and nothing works, whenever I put the bar on the floor, it gets crooked.

The clip type of my gym is this:

And the plates are rounded in the borders (20kg):

Any suggestion?

I feel like a ratcheting bar clamp to pinch two or more plates together would keep them from tipping over, or at least reduce it.

It looks like you are using Oly plates on a standard bar?

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Get the gym to buy an Olympic bar, the bar is too small for the plates. That bar would probably get permanently bent with 500+lbs too.

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