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Crooked Anti-Aging Clinic + Newbie = Frustration

Ok so,
I am new to this forum and have arrived here only after much aggravation in regards to my health and gullibility.
I was a college athlete and am now a wrestling coach for a local high school. I have a been competing and training in BJJ for the past 9 years and do consider myself an athlete. The past two years I have struggled with low libido, over bearing soreness, lack of clarity and have not felt as progressive in my training as I was when I was 18 and 19 (who would though). I reached out to a buddie and he recommended this place where I could get a very in depth performance blood panel and DNA swab that would be covered through my insurance. I went and got the blood work. I was called in a week later to sit down with the nurse. She tells me my testosterone “is not optimal for my activities”. Also, my vitamin D was low and my liver enzyme was high. So at this point I am roped in. Here I am talking to a doctor that claims they will fix all my issues blah blah blah.
He recommends HRT. We go over the options. Now the first red flag is the price. It would be 500 every 12 weeks to cover the HCG, arimidex and Test Cyp. I asked why cant this be covered by insurance. He stated because an endo would not label me as having low T because a 480 is too high. But a 480 is not optimal for a 24 year old who is as active as I am. He said “We are here to treat the symptoms, not the numbers, and you will experience great results”. So boom, I pay and three days later I have the box of prescriptions mailed right to my door. The whole thing just did not seem right.

At this point I have reached out to multiple people, as in others who are on TRT, body builder friends and athletes. I am hearing mixed reviews as to what I should do. I am leaning towards reaching out towards my CC company and trying to explain I was scammed into buying all this shit.

Would I love to get on the test or run a cycle? Hell yeah. But my health long term is most important seeing as being an athlete is how I generate my income. A few friends have recommended a cycle and stated I could have its benefits if done correctly. The problem is the PCT. The doctor who I got the test from does not recommend coming off so does not even entertain the idea of talking about nolva or clomid.

Feel free to give any advice because it would be greatly appreciated.

At this point I have a ten ml of test cyp. HCG and 1mg arimidex and .5 arimidex 30 of each. I don’t know why they sent me so much arimidex but I won’t complain because I’m sure it will come in handy. I just don’t trust these people at the anti aging place and it seems their reccomendations are very different compared to what I’m seeing on here when it comes first cycle advice.

well, HRT/TRT isn’t really like a conventional cycle… more like bringing you up to the high range of normal.

I assume your test is 200mg per ml. Even if it is 250mg, it’s not enough to run a cycle if you wanted to. You should find a buddy that is juicing and give it all to him, write off the $500 as a learning experience, and read up on how to boost your test naturally (cold water therapy, red meat, etc…).

TRT is a long term commitment (lifetime for most) and at your age, and test levels, you should avoid it.

Also, consider getting retested. There are many things that can lower your test levels and that might actually be your lowest level of the day. Being tired, in a caloric deficit, hungover, all can effect T-levels.

Good luck.

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Yes you are a bit young to be on a lifetime of Test Cyp injections without at least trying to do things naturally first. I would not go back to a place that put a guy like you strait on to that. Plus one blood test only means you were less than optimal for one day, hell you might have had few hard workouts in a row or were not getting enough sleep that week. If not for your symptoms that number is not that low. Some guys are happy there. Also other issues can be causing the symptoms and the low T. Over on the T Replacement forum you will find some stickies at the top that go over things that lower T, thyroid issues, low iodine levels, D2, ect. Also jump starting your natural production is discussed and might be helpful to you.

As to the test cyp. HCG and arimidex someone juicing would find a use for those. Not enough but if they are already into that. Give it a way or sell it cheap

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I appreciate the replies men. Thank you.