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Crohn's Disease

I’m trying to help a buddy of mine who has Crohn’s Disease pack on some muscle. I’d appreciate some info from anyone who has Crohn’s or has trained someone with the disease. Dietary advice is what I’m particularly looking for. Things like should he be able to consume x amount of calories without blowing out his stomach. Or can he handle the 1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight forumla. That kind of stuff would be great. Thanks.

Do a search of the forum several great past threads that should answer your questions by users who have made great progress.

I’ve had this since I was 16. Yes, it makes progress very difficult. There are very good books you can find on Amazon that have helped me out greatly.

I’ll summarize what helped me:

Stay away from:

Nuts, celery, corn and anything that will appear to be hard to digest.

Greasy foods

Fried foods

If something causes a “flare up” keep a list and avoid those foods.

It is said that honey acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

I have made great progress and there have been times when I couldn’t even possibly think about going to a gym.

Actually, working out has been one of the best helps to keep this in remission. It caused me to spend almost two years away from weights. The key things I learned is: 1)Maintain a healthy diet, 2)Keep away from stress and 3)Maintain a healthy lifestyle (exercise, etc.).

Good Luck