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Washed up or not? I'm surprised we haven't discussed this yet. Thoughts and reasons... Let's get to it!


I think it's yet to be seen whether or not he's washed up. He's had a pretty bad run lately, but I won't count him out just yet. He'll always be one of my favourites next to Igor and Fedor.


He had a long amateur boxing career, a military special forces career, a professional kickboxing career since the mid 90's, played for a big soccer club, was an elected politician at the national level, and then 30 some MMA fights....we're asking a lot of a human body if we get optimistic.


i dont know what to think. he got into ufc pretty fast again. i bet he is in good shape and mustafa seems like a good opponent to get testet but not burned out. if he loses he can put his career to an end.

we will see. i hope he destroys mustafa and becomes a threat to anybody in the HW division.


I wish I could have crocops legs...they are just so massive.

He didn't really have a good time in the UFC facing Cheick Kongo and I what I call a "fluke" head kick from Gonzaga...Cropcop should kick himself in the head to make him immune to other people's kicks lol.

What are people's predictions about this Saturday with him facing Mostapha Al Turk? I haven't seen Turk fight yet so i wouldn't know. I'll be rooting for Crocop!


I like Cro Cop a lot but I have to support the guy from our gym. I noticed Mus drilling some leg locks, hopefully he will take one of those big thighs home after a great war.


I feel like once a fighter is trying to imitate what he did in the past, he is past his prime. Too many fighters start losing fights etc, and then try and get the mind set they used to have before they started to slide.

On another note, I really to wish he does well. I would love to see the Crocop become a contender for the title.


I am really shocked the betting line favors Cro Cop so much. I would love to see the guy do well, but he just seems a bit worn down. That and being a one dimensional fighter are not going to get you very far, even the HW division.


It seems to me that he had a great mma career going until he hit the UFC. One difference between the old Pride and the UFC is the shape of the ring. I think Crocop was used to the ropes and has had a difficult time adjusting to the octagon. At least that's my little theory. We'll find out soon enough if it has any merit. Looking forward to watching him tonight.


Yeah you and Joe Rogan, I don't see how it made much of a difference in the Gonzaga fight.


The elbows definitely did.

I always enjoyed watching Crocop back to his K-1 days but, like many others, I'm very sceptical that he will be able to achieve much in the UFC any more.


Have you seen the fight?

Al Turk lost in 1st round...Mirko hasn't even used his legs O.O

Greetings from proud Croatian :slight_smile:


Cro cop is back!


al turk isn't a world beater...good first step, but crocops performance raised more questions than answers in my mind, like where teh fuck is his ring movement or combinations?


Fuck Jordan Breen what a bitch.


I dont think he respected Al Turks stand up enough to sit and combo. He stalked wating to unload.


Yeah, CroCop won but he didn't look too impressive to me. He still wasn't all that aggressive, he didn't use combos, he telegraphed the way he was trying to set up a big kick (which never came), he didn't look as fast as he used to look . . . I think someone like Velasquez would maul him. As would Brock, Mir, probably Randy, I think Kongo would woop him again, Carwin would handle him . . . the CroCop we saw today, anyway.

I hope it's just a stepping stone for him and he continues to improve and gets fully back on track, but this wasn't all that impressive a performance in my eyes.


Eye poke...


Eye poke...


Kinda what I thought. like he was just biding his time until he got bored and decided to unload.