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Crocop, Fedor and European Fighters


I was watching Cro Cop fight Kongo today, and realized how small he was in comparison. since Cro Cop (at 6'2") and Fedor (at 6'0") both weigh about 220lbs, but aren't particulary lean, wouldn't they be better off at 205? is this common for european fighters to fight more or less at their natural weight?

seems kinda wierd, when so many other UFC/MMA fighters weigh about 15-20lbs more for their fight than weigh-in's....


Why would Fedor fight down if he can dominate the heavier weight class?


Cro Cop has gone up and down all over his Career. He's not exactly a spring chicken anymore, he's getting old.

However, if you've seen his latest training videos, he looks lean and mean, he's training hard and the results are definitely showing.

As for size differences, I'm not so sure. Cro Cop wouldn't be the first fighter to stick at his natural weight, Kenny Florian for a while walked around probably at 160 and fought at 155.

Personally, I don't think Cro Cop should move to 205. A) Because the 205 division is already stacked with young, fast, strong, talented fighters. B) Because Cro Cop HAD an uncanny knack of KTFO'ing fighters twice his size (Man Choi, Bob Sapp), so hopefully if he gets his mindset back to where it should be, he can destroy Lesnar.


yeah, good point.


yeah, good point.