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Crock Pot Meals?


Always been a big fan of the 'ol crock pot. Favorites are Chili and 15 bean soup(with meat added of course).

Anyone have any ideas/recipes for good muscle building crock pot meals?


I take couple pounds frozen cubed meat,cover with broth and season with salt,pepper,garlic and some peppers, turn on med and leave for work
come home toss in some carrot,onion,potato more peppers,that I have cut up from the night prior chillin in the fridge and by the time I get out the shower emails read and a movie turned on I have a simple soup ready. amounts are like a handful of this handful of that.
its basically a type of soup you make before you go shopping and you have odds and ends of things left over from prior meals.

reason why I wait till I get home is the vegies if left in for 10-12 hours will be cooked down to nothing but the meat is perfect after that amount of time
the liquid is hot and ready to cook the vegies they take maybe 45 mins to be tender yet firm enough to give it some bite.
squeeze some lemon juice and a couple dashes cilantro and its good to go.

another one is get a recipe for menudo, that is by far my favorite soup and is perfect in the crock pot.

if you dont like tripe use beef steak
but its simple as well
use frozen beef and frozen hominy and in 8 hours its perfect


Sounds really good Maddy


Made this he other night in my crock pot...really good.



Not a menudo fan, the steak variation sounds good though. I've always loved beef stew. Another one that's a fav around here is split pea soup. I'll have to get the wife's recipe and add to the thread.


you can make some mean pulled pork in a crock pot


one thing i dont like about chili in the crockpot is you cannot make a lot, and it gets runny if you keep the lid on


^^ use less chicken broth