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Cro-Crop Is Back!!!

after recent easy victory over minowa,its clear mirko crocop filipović is back.he trained harder than ever in the last month(i am croatian too and have some inside information) and is more focused.
fedor,you are next!

Yeah, Fedor sucks. Cro-Crop is gonna kick his pansy ass into next century!

I’m so glad theres someone else here on T-Nation that appreciates Cro-Crop as much as I do.

Thanks for the spoiler, ass.

I’m so glad your Croation connections informed you that he trained hard for the last fight…

LOL…im not croation, im serbian…but I think cro-cop is real good…i dunno if he’ll beat fedor…fedor just like…doesnt lose haha. may the best man win.

Cro-Cop is the man. I am rooting for him, but I also love Fedor. I am just hoping for a final conflict that has Mirko and Fedor in the final. Whoever wins I don’t care, they are both warriors and deserving of admiration.

Has Minowa come out with what his secret plan to defeating CroCop was? He was quite proud of it before the match and, indeed, it seemed like the only reason he entered the GP.

Obviously, it didn’t work, but it’d be fun to see what it was.

[quote]BALBOS wrote:
after recent easy victory over minowa,its clear mirko crocop filipovi? is back.he trained [/quote]

Awww…c’mon, victory over Minowa dosn’t mean anything. It’s like saying Mike Tyson is back because he beat up Floyd Mayweather easily. Please don’t tell me we even have to debate on this one.