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Cro Cop vs. Josh Barnett



Cro Cop defeated Barnett at PRIDE 30

After a bitter defeat to Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Cro Cop got back to his old wining routine after defeating former UFC champion Josh Barnett via decision in their 2nd bout. Josh proved to be a tough opponent and he did well in stand-up, while Cro Cop dominated the ground game completely. After 3 exausting rounds the decision win was given to Cro Cop marking hiy way back to the champion's belt race.

Cro cop could end the fight in the 2. round after a good punch combo but Josh menaged to get into clinch and basicly keep clincing all the time till the end of the fight.


They need to get some more people into the Heavyweight frey. I'm tired of seeing Crocop climb the ladder only to get pounded by Fedor. How about Fedor vs. his little (but larger) brother. That could be a fun fight to watch.


Next time use the word SPOILERS in your Subject or at the top of your post.


id like to see fedor fight mark hunt. Hunt dominated Wanderlai silva by his amazing size, speed and granite chin. Fedor would make a game of it unlike silva who just used his BJJ skills to tie up hunt on the floor. Fedor is unlikely to hold back against hunt and it would be good to watch. If anyone doesnt know who mark hunt is hes a 265 pound K-1 kickboxing champion from new zealand.

Hunt is amazingly strong and fast and though he is a K-1 stalwart it looks like fedor might be going to k-1 romanex pretty soon.

It would be good to see fedor fight arlovski just to see how poor arlovski is in comparison, the gap between pride/K-1 and the UFC is big.


Cro cop's next fight will be against Hunt. So be prepared. I think the fight is about to happen in december.


already rubbing my hands, cant wait, i would like to see cro cop win but have a suspicion Hunt will,


yeah, cause that happened so many times.. Oh wait... No.. only once.


if fedor goes to K-1 like he says he wants to and fight under k-1 rules which he also says he wants to i think who better to face him than mike tyson, think about the world press coverage, it would do a lot for MMA/K-1, you could have cro cop/ hunt on the under card, i think K-1 needs to get its cheque book out.


It depends on whether Hunt trains or not. He is a notoriously lazy trainer who relies on his natural strength and phenomenal hand speed. But to beat Mirko, or Nogueira, Fedor etc he would have to up his game, particuarly his ground game.


yep i agree. it will be a good fight if they stay on the feet and exchange and i think Hunt has the chin to take the LHK when it comes but hunt's ground game is nothing compared to CC much improved ground game. Hunt was easily taken down by vanderlei so CC would probably be able to take him down if he feels like he needs to. i don't know whether or not he should be able to submit him or pound him out though. that is gonna be a sweet fight though. both big strong and incredibly fast guys. should be a war.