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Cro Cop vs. Hunt

Anyone see the fight? Was it a fair decision?

Pretty good fight. Hunt even took the missle that is CroCop’s Left High Kick and it barely fazed him. Hunt deserved a unanimous decision.

Good fight, Hunt is one tough SOB.

Any one who can take that leg is alright in my book.

There were some tough calls and questionable judging. When was the last time there was three split decisions on one card? I thought Hunt was the clear winner and was surprised by the split decision.

No doubt Hunt has the hardest head in MMA

The fight was definitely a split decision, and it could have gone either way. Watching live, I bet it would be 2-1 Hunt and was correct. I watched all the decisions again, and changed my opinions on two of the fights. Silva won outright, and Arona did nothing worthy of a decision in a title bout anyway.

In Crocop-Hunt, Hunt definitely pressed the fight. This is expected since Crocop is a counter-striker, and was fighting against a much larger opponent with heavy hands. Had Crocop not turned his back on Hunt, he would have won the decision.