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Cro Cop Back in UFC



I've been a Mirko fan for years so I'm really jazzed about this. Hopefully he still has a few good fights in him. You gotta think the way he left the UFC in 2007 has him motivated for his return.


Poor Mustapha. First an angry Kongo, now a Cro Cop with something to prove.


Damn, that's super cool.

One of my favorite fighters back on the track.


Yay! Hope we get to see the real CroCop, not the guy who got fluke ko'd and was gun shy against Kongo because of it.


If the Cro Cop I was used to seeing in Pride shows up, I think he's a definite force to reckon with and will probably do some major damage.

On the other hand if the stranger that showed up last time comes in, I don't want to watch.


I'm really looking forward to this, I am a big Cro Cop fan. Its a shame its poor old Mostapha that as to get in the way of his comeback, I like to see the British boys do well, but I'm pulling for Mirko in this one.


To me this is mostly a defensive move by the UFC. I think they are trying to keep Cro Cop out of Affliction or Strikeforce while he still has some drawing power.

CC was a ton of fun to watch back in the day, but unfortunatly he has not evolved with the sport. He is about as predictable as chuck and we've see what that has produced against well rounded fighters with good coaching and gameplanning.

I am going to pick Al Turk in this one. I also beleive the UFC will try and deal him another loss or two before letting him go. Just to ensure he is not a huge draw elsewhere. I would say the chances of getting Randy or Nog will be pretty good. The may even give him one of the young bucks to lose to.

Fights I wouldn't mind seeing:

CC vs. Randy
CC vs. Chuck

Fights he is more likely to get and be expected to lose:

CC vs. Pat Berry
CC vs. Velasquez
CC vs. Dos Santos


Awesome,our national hero is back ^^

*croatian here :slight_smile: *

He is predictable,but yet,we've all seen the power of his kicks...


I honestly think much of Crocops problems in the UFC revolved around the cage. It is much larger than a ring and movement and footwork requirements are different. I don't think he ever got to the point where he felt comfortable in there. Getting kneed in the balls by Kongo repeatedly didn't help either.


i like crocop also BUT i think the guys best days are far behind him. i hope he excells but i believe that he will continue to get his ass kicked.


The cage definately doesn't favor strikers. I just think CC was part of the old guard. He is not particularly dynamic. A powerful striker, but not much else. Not very illusive either.



Cro Cop's recent training and some other cool vids up for those interested.

What hopefully will not happen to him.


Looks like he`s not fighting in Germany!?


Isn't Cro Crop's fight untelevised on the undercard?


Right. He didn't even train in a cage for his first two fights!

What guys (not you, of course) who are losers don't understand..... When you're the best like Cro Cop was, it's hard to stay motivated. You're the best. You're at the top of the mountain. Now what? Look at happened to GSP when he won the belt.

He is now at the bottom of the mountain, and seems right psychologically.

We'll see how he looks physically and technically.