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Crituque my Workout

hey guys, just want to know what you all think of my workout and what i can change about it. I dont like 1 day a week split programs. My goal is lean muscle, i have pretty good genetics as far as athletics and my frame is good. I am 6’1 185-190.

Mon- Chest- bench press 12,10,8
Dumb bell incline- 12,10,8
Fly’s- 12,10,8

Calves- Standing-3X20
Sitting- 3X35

Bicep- Incline curl-12,10,8
Preacher curl-12,10,8
Hammer curl- 12,10,8

Back- pull downs ( I need more back exercises)

Tues- Triceps- Standing dumb bell extension-12,10,8
Tricept extension-12,10,8
I forget what they are called but i lay on my back with a bar bell and go down below my head-12,10,8

Shoulders- Lat raisers-12,10,8
Seated dumb bell shoulder press-12,10,8
barbell shrugs- 3X30

Legs- Squat-12,10,8
45 degree leg press-12,10,8
Leg extension- 12,10,8

Any help is greatly appriciated, if you need to no anything else, ill get back to you quick